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  1. Hi There, I was just reading your goldfish post, and even though i do not post on this board much, for i have a few bettas.. But a few years back, I myself had a number of goldfish - they were the first types of fish that i ever tried... anyways, I had one for three years named goldie, and after the other ones that i had in there with him died - he was in there all alone and LOVED it.. it was his own place.. kind of like he was "king of his castle" he ate like a hog, and then a hour or so later he would poop, and yes... he DID eat it....lol I found that a little strange at first, and let me just state that when i had him, I didnt know about any boards like this one that i can go to for answers and such behavior... so i was a bit uneasy with him doing that, but he did it too.. and he was just fine for all them years.. im not sure if still to this day if it was normal behavior for them to do that or not.. I dont think it would hurt them.. but then again its been so long since i had goldies.. so im not sure... But if you would feel better doing the breeder net thing like you said, i would say go for it.. but all in all i think he will be fine, as long as he is healthy I wouldnt worry to much about his behavior. I hope this helps!!!
  2. Hi, I just wanted you to know that i read your post about your goldfish, and your problem - I will say this, after having a few goldfish myself through the years, one that lasted 3 years... and he is the one i remember/miss most, they most certainly do need a filter - for many reasons! I would get them as soon as possible.. it is a must! I hope this helps, and i hope that things get better soon! Good Luck!!
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