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  1. So the journey now begins. I finally received my two calico orandas from ECR and I couldn't be happier with not only the fish, but also with Cynthia who is the owner. The little guys look lost right now in the big tank and I prefer it that way. These are the only fish that will be in the tank and should thrive at 30 gallons each. I'll update from time to time or if I make any changes to the tank.

    Sorry for the crappy pictures but I am a lousy photographer and my camera is so old it doesn't even state what megapixel it is. 


  2. Here is some clarification from ECR. This is pasted directly from an email......sorry for any confusion but it's even a better deal.



    "Hi guys :) Just to clarify: I have an ongoing promo that ends tomorrow midnight. When you buy 3 Juvenile Thai Calico Orandas at 1 inch it's $49.95 plus 1 extra juvenile. Jetman73 purchased the set but only wanted to keep 2. That means there are 2 that's that goes to whoever buys another set of 3+1 before the promo is over. Altogether that 6 Thai Calico Oranda juveniles for just $49.95.


    After the 31st,

    ​the ​

    +1 promo is no longer applicable. Whoever buys the set of 3 will get only 1 extra (the 3


     oranda that Jetman73 isn't keeping). The juvenile sets at 1 inch are available for sale until January 15. After this period, sets of 1 inch will no longer be sold because they will be getting bigger at which point I have to adjust pricing.


  3. Looks great!! 


    May I suggest doing a fishless cycle while you are QTing the fish? I would think setting up a 10/20 gallon tank for QT would be more cost effective and easier to maintain since you will want to do 4-6 rounds of prazi. Treating them in a 10-20 gallon tank compared to 60 gallons will save quite a bit of money on your end medication wise. Especially time since you will be needing to do large water changes quite often with the prazi rounds. That's just my  :twocents  If you want to QT in tank and spend the money on the medication that's fine as well, just trying to save you some money :)

    Thanks for the reply and I appreciate the advice. If you don't mind I have a few questions.

    Why would you treat with prazi 4-6 times? I've never had to dose prazi more than twice and have always had complete fluke eradication. Are there now problems with super flukes that are showing resistance?

    For me there is no reason to QT as they will be the only fish I have had for years and I'm trying to keep this tank K.I.S.S. They are coming from a reputable breeder and I hate shotgun treatments on the hobbyists part, they always do more harm than good. I understand that breeders and dealers need to use these techniques and they set up their facilities to accommodate their needs. Instead of dosing prazi haphazardly it would be better to use a microscope because flukes are easily detectable to even the novice.

  4. Not a fan of fake plants.  Just to much trouble to keep clean.  But if you don't mind the cleaning your set up looks great.  I like the before best but that is just me.

    I tend to agree with you. We'll see how long the plants make it but there is only four of them in there with one being a maintenance headache. I'm optimistic they will stay but the brain and past experience is saying they will be yanked out. Only time will tell and thanks for the critique.

  5. The easiest way to post from a phone isnuning the tapatalk app. I realize that wasn't the question but it could help some who read this. It's extremely easy that way.

    Thanks for the helpful advice.


    FTR my phone has a dog walk app, a kitchen timer, and an altimeter and it took me a month too figure them out.  

  6. I'm in the process of setting up my first new tank within the last 5+ years and I'm calling it my K.I.S.S. tank.  60 gallons with two fish will be the final stocking level and I'm filtering with an eheim 2217.

    The tank temperature will vary throughout the year, as well as the light cycle but will range from 68-80. I'm using the Current-Usa freshwater plus for lighting with the 48" version.

    I'll be doing a fish in cycle and have no worries putting two 1" fish in a 60 for cycling. 

    Here are some pics of the tanks progression. I'll be moving the intake when I get the correct tubing and will be lengthening the intake. Besides putting a bubble wall on the left side, that is about it.

    With the way I set-up the spray bar, future bubble wand, and the intake I should get some great circulation.

    We'll see how long the fake plants last and they are always a concern, but are easily removed.

    Any thoughts or critiques?


  7. I'm looking too start posting some pics and as usual I'm having problems. Are there any threads explaining the procedure and can you post pictures straight from your computer?

    I figured it out in the past and I'll figure it out again, just looking for a little help. I'd like to start a new thread in the tank area.

  8. Well I have two Calico Orandas coming my way from ECR in about three weeks.


    As a way too thank the board and Koko I would like to donate one calico oranda to a board member. Since I only wanted two fish and ECR only ships either three or seven she agreed to add one to another members order. You would have to order from her current offer on the calico orandas to get the extra fish.


    The first reply stating they are interested in this offer will get it. Merry Christmas and thanks to Koko for a great board.

  9. It seems like the top three merchants selling quality fancies are the Dandy Orandas auction, Rain garden, and East Coast Ranchus. Can anyone give some pros and cons dealing with these companies?


    I'm looking too stock a 60 gallon with two fancies, at least one must be an Oranda and I'm open to the other fish even if it is another Oranda although I love Ranchus.


    Some of my questions are do they sell younger fish?  Can you get two prospective fish for $125 shipped? Have you had any health concerns?


  10. Nice pics and I could be wrong but I think I've seen this mudpond in pictures from past years. Is it located in asia somewhere?

    From the pics it looks like they are growing some top notch gosanke. Do you have any better pics of fish nisai, sansai, or older. Maybe some info on the parent stock.

    Again thanks for the pics and I am sure those fish were raised with great care so no need to worry about them being tossed into the holding tanks. These are definately not your typical nnnn and wallyworld koi.

  11. Well now it is ten days after treatment and they are fluke free. The little one that was being force fed died. The other new small fish is doing great. All of the other fish are now returning to normal and look much, much better today.

    The old guy is not sitting on the bottom anymore and the red in his belly and fins is almost completely gone. No more gasping.

    My conclusion is this med works great on flukes .....but it knocks the22 out of goldfish. I thought I was going to loose them all. It will push some over the edge. I would never use this med again for my goldies. I ordered some prazi....just so I always have it on hand now. I mean I have EVERYTHING else in the medicine chest.

    As for long term damage....well I don't know. We all know it can take a long time for certain things to manifest itself....but as of now the fish scrape clean and their gills look healthy.

  12. Believe it or not but they look better today. They are more active and not bottom sitting as much. That one fish will still not eat on its own despite being force-fed a half dozen times. I'll keep it up and hopefully they will be a little better tomorrow. I'll keep you updated.....but I will never, ever use fenbendazole again on a goldfish.

  13. Like Pixie said it is a dewormer and is not labeled for use in fish but is widely and successfully used in the koi community for treatment of flukes. In that regard not much different from prazi when it first came out.

    Many koi keepers use supraverm which contains menbendazole for flukes and while the success with koi is great...it will downright kill goldies. I'm not sure how colsely related they are.

    Now my problem: Bought a couple of new goldies and Qt'd them with some proform -c. All scrapings came up negative and they were doing great. After one day upon introducing them to the big tank the new one was not eating. Pulled him, scraped him, and alas he has flukes. Darn, how did that happen?

    Anyway since I didn't have prazi on hand I called a highly knowledgable keeper and they had some fenbendazole. Said it was safe for goldies. Now I'm thinking its not.

    Here is what I got:

    5 days post treatment all water has been changed so there should be none left in the water. AC also added.

    Fish look like crap. Hanging on the bottom, some redness in the fins and belly of my oldest one who is almost 6. None of the others exihibit any external signs of problems. No fin shredding, no ulcers. Labored breathing by all fish. Total of 5 in a 55 and for any of you who know me...filtration is not the problem.

    Now the story gets wierder. All water parameters are fine, their gills look great, and they eat with reckless abandon, except the one that went off of food a few days ago. That one is now being force fed but will still not eat on its own. All scrapes come up squeaky clean. Nothing!

    I'm thinking I might have slowly killed all of my fish by using the wrong chem. Time will tell.

    That is why I would like to know if anyone has used this.

  14. Edit: The drug I am looking at should be "fenbendazole" not fenbendazone. It is also known as panacur and is used as an alternative to praziquantel for the treatment of flukes in koi.

    It costs only about 1/4 the price of prazi but I am concerned about this compounds compatibility with goldfish.

    Sorry for the initial confusion.

    Anyone else use it?

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