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  1. Hey the pic worked. If only I can rememember how to do that again.

    In the background you can see where the waterfall will be done and up close you can see the skimmer which will be hidden completely by rock.

    The pond is actually laying on the patio in the front and some pics I post later will show it off a lot better. Right now it is still a disaster area. I hope everyone likes it but it sure is a work in progress.

  2. I told everyone I would start a thread when my pond was done. It is not done yet but should be within the next week. It is approximately 16' x 10' with an average depth of 4'. It metered out at right about 4,250 gallons. I will post more pics when it is done and when the landscaping is done also.

    Off topic note for all you goldie lovers:

    I visited a pond in my neighborhood that was done by my contracter 3 years ago and it probably had about $25,000-$50,000 dollars worth of koi in it. ( this guy takes a trip to japan every year too hand pick out a few). The reason why I mentioned this is because after I looked past the koi I saw the HUGEST ryukin ever. Whenever I give a measurement of my fish it is always accurate since I mark my tank but if I had too estimate this ryukin I would say an 8-9" body the size of a softball with a caudal well over 6". This is the only goldie in his pond swimming around with $5,000 fish and he said he got it from the LFS. It also gave me an idea, and my fan and ryukin will be going in my pond so I can get that ranchu or lionhead I so dearly want.

  3. I guess I am a little late on this one. I use prime and love it. It says it detoxifies nitrates but I still wonder what that means. I can tell you that it does not result in a reduction of nitrates. That is accomplished by either water changes, reduced feeding, or a large amount of nitrate loving plants that will actually survive in a goldfish environment (much harder too do with large goldies). I am skeptical and would probably not use any product that actually reduced nitrates by the use of chemicals since I am trying too make as natural of an environment for my fish that I can.

    With that being said the only chemical I like too use is your average dechlor. Any type of chlorine can be very detrimental too fish health. It can also last in your water source for a longer time than most people think. Even if you let your water sit out for a day it still can contain high levels of chlorine unless it is highly agitated. Since everyone has different water qualities too contend with I think a product like prime would take care of most tap water problems unless you are pumping from a well and have too deal with metals and low O2 levels. It is also dirt cheap and lasts for a long long time.

  4. Make sure you check the KH like was mentioned before. It is the the most important thing that keeps your Ph stable.

    The reason most people like a higher ph is because it is more beneficial for you filtering bacteria (nitrobacter and nitrosomonas). Also remember that the higher the Ph the more toxic ammonia will be too the fish.

    Without proper buffering your Ph is going too bounce all over the place which is one of the worst things for fish especially if you get the dreaded crash.

  5. Congrats on the 55. The penguin 330 is a great filter but I would suggest too put all your money into upgrading the filtration. IMO a 330 is not near enough too filter a 55gal. How many fish do you plan on adding?

    If you do go bare bottom which I am really starting too like more and more you might get some type of glare if you put a background underneath the tank. I sprayed my QT with black spray paint on the bottom and it looks pretty good.

    For plants just try and see what works. Anubias and java fern are good low light plants that need too be anchored or you could try potting them without burying the rhyzomes. I actually have some growing from bonsai pots. Good luck and post some pics when you are done.

    Just wanted too add that when doing a fishless cycle some people recommend too do a 100% water change before adding the fish. I can't explain why but I have read both sides of the view and it seems equally split. Some people have never had a problem and some people have lost all of their fish.

    I would love too hear from some real life experiences from people here on the board.

  6. Thanks Happy, I forgot too mention that. Once you start getting over the 300ppm range with goldies you could cause some gill damage. Just use regular salt from now on and remember too replace the salt with any water changes.

    Just a note but my Gh is just over 300ppm straight from the tap and I have never had any problems.

  7. I can't believe after all the replies that anyone has not mentioned frozen krill. it is one of my favorites and yes, also one of my goldies favorites.

    April, my betta loves frozen bloodworms, just try defrosting them first in a cup of some tank water and then let them hang off the end of a toothpick for them too eat. I also feed small pieces of peas in the same manner too my betta but unfortunately he will not touch the krill.

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