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    I use 2 250 watt Aqueon Pro heaters in Big Boys 125 Gallon tank and it keeps it nice and warm for him. 84 degrees. I also use 2 150 watt Aqueon Pro heaters in my 55 Gallon African Cichlid tank. It keeps it at 84 degress also.

    Where are the pictures of your tanks? I've seen the cichlid one and loved it because I've kept Malawi mbuna before. I've never seen your 125.


    This is the 125 Gallon tank


    That was great and I had no idea that you keep fish from such differing areas. Your tanks and fish look fantastic.

  2. I use 2 250 watt Aqueon Pro heaters in Big Boys 125 Gallon tank and it keeps it nice and warm for him. 84 degrees. I also use 2 150 watt Aqueon Pro heaters in my 55 Gallon African Cichlid tank. It keeps it at 84 degress also.

    Where are the pictures of your tanks? I've seen the cichlid one and loved it because I've kept Malawi mbuna before. I've never seen your 125.

  3. What size tank?  For larger tanks, I prefer 2 smaller heaters vs one large one . . . :idont  That way I can put one on each side of the tank.  If one malfunctions, it's not as powerful as one large one would be and hopefully the other one would shut off.

    It's only a 60 gallon and the 200W can't hold it at 80-82. I will admit that I keep the house at 64 degrees at night :yikes .

  4. One more thing, if infection were to set in, how long would it take? I'm just wondering how long I have to worry about him :). Does an infection set in quite soon after an injury and if so, do they show symptoms of being unwell quite quickly?

    Or does infection and/or symptoms take a while to develop?

    It depends.....I know that is not the answer you were looking for, but that is the best I can give. Hopefully, and more likely probably, you won't have to worry about that.


    You had a unique situation where your fish became injured in its own environment that it has lived in for some time. That is the main reason I would never suggest using a slapped together QT tank as that can do more harm than good and I think you noticed that. Normally when you see trauma in the head area it tends to do well with just clean water if it's minor. 


    IMO a QT tank should only be used to add new fish to an existing population or in the cases of severe trauma. 


    Oh, and someone from overseas told me to order this product.


    It looks great actually, but I just don't know how valid it's claims are. It says it does EVERYTHING pretty much all in one. Its kinda pricey too. Many, many good fishkeepers from overseas stood by this stuff. It isn't an American based product, so I had never heard of it before.

    I think some products are gimmicky. I wonder just how much better this product is than products most people use such as Seachem Prime.


     I read the description:


    Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium has more than 30 beneficial effects: makes water crystal clear, reduces and prevents stress, removes copper, zinc, aluminum and other harmful heavy metals, ammonia, medication residue, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and algaecides and other chemical contaminants, removes chlorine and chloramines, protects the slime coat, counteracts harmful bacteria, assists healing wounds, sticky fins, fin rot and inflammations, accelerates growth of useful bacteria (aquariums mature faster), prevents algae build-up, promotes breeding, removes smells, stimulates plant growth, accelerates growth of young fry, improves the opening and growth of corals, makes biofilters perform better and last longer, adds no chemical or biological substances to your water.


    As you pointed out, it defies belief.  I think they need to rename this product -- Easy-Life Snake Oil.  It does all those things, and without chemicals.  The only thing I know of that can do all that is a very large water change.  Perhaps they found a way to bottle a 100% water change, LOL.


    That post was priceless.  :thumbup2:

  6. I'm looking for a 300W  heater that has an element  that can be completely submerged with a remote temp probe, and preferably an out of tank controller. Has anyone had any long-term success with a brand that fits that criteria.

    I'm currently using a 200W eheim heater and I hate it. It's definitely not something I would recommend and I love eheim filters. 

  7. I don't think it makes a difference but it can't hurt. In the wild or in an outdoor pond they would be grazing and eating whatever becomes available 24/7. A crawfish at 2am is just as good as a crawfish at 2pm.


    With that said, I always feed either FBW or a plant based matter for their last meal of the day. To me it makes sense even if it is baseless in facts.

  8. Great picture of Duke!!!!!!! He is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

    Thanks....I just found out his breeder was awarded the best ADBA breeder in the USA for 2014 and he only produces about 1 litter per year. I consider myself blessed to be able too own a dog of this caliber. 50lb. lap dog that can hurdle a 6' fence.  

  9. There is a big difference in treating new recruits. I've learned over the years that I am willing to pay a premium for fish that  come from respectable sources. In the end.....you will always end up ahead of the game with superior fish. When I receive fish from those sources the only thing I do is intense observation and no treatments. The fish will let you know if something is wrong.


    If you a buy a fish from a sketchy LFS, Petsmart, Petco I would still err on the side of caution but I don't have a problem with those that treat. My only concern is the level of treatment. Costia is nasty and hard to treat, flukes are easy. I wonder how many folks here are treating for flukes when they have a different parasite. 

  10. I don't have any problem with keepers that treat new fish as a routine. If they come from unknown or untrusted resources it helps. My concern is the current protocol that is being used too treat flukes and why someone would need to go to those extremes. Prazi is not a drug that is 100% safe.....none of them are. 


    If a keeper will go through those extremes for flukes.....why not costia also? Costia kills more fish than flukes and they can do it much more rapidly. 

  11. Interesting...and confused :doh11:

    Then my post worked. Honestly, I was hoping for more feedback by now because it's an important topic and should be debated more. 


    IMO Any protocol that calls for 6 treatments of prazi is beyond overkill and detrimental. Unless you're dosing fish in 50-60 degree water I fail to see the logic behind the recent recommendations.



    So cute.

    Is that varsity ball Duke is playing with?

    It's a Jolly Ball push and play and it's one of the few toys that he can't destroy. 



    It's big!

    We have the jolly ball that came with the rope, he loves that thing but I can see how it would easily be destroyed.


    Check out the Jolly Egg. Thing is loud as heck on the floors, but our dog goes nuts for it. Wears him out easily :teehee


    I have, or should I say had the jolly egg. He ate the top of it off.  

  13. How often do you change water in this set up?

    It's 60 gallons of water but I'm doing about 50% or more every other day. I never let ammonia get over 1ppm, even if it is Nh4 bound. Not nitrites yet but I'll post some specifics if there is interest.

    I'm still going too feed the heck out of them at this life stage and change things up big time come November. I'm keeping them in a hot house environment throughout their first year of development.

  14. I wouldn't worry about the skin flap on the head because that will heal on it's own with great water quality. Personally I would put that fish back in the tank and do nothing but keep the water good.

    A makeshift QT is not what this fish needs IMO. 

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