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  1. have you ever seen ice around edges of buckets and such? it is very jagged and would seem to puncture fish... I dont have a pond atm i have my three goldies in a 100 gal ruber maid tub sitting on the ground. I will have to leave them out because they are just to large to bring in this year. It has been suggested that i put insulation around the sides. Will this really work? or should i get a heater as well? or just a heater? Here in Portland Oregon the winters are mild for the most part maybe a week or two below freezing so im not sure exactly how the thick rubber sides will insulate or not. Demi
  2. After reading it I wonder what exactly he said to the dealer that he was able to get the refund. I mean I totally agree 6 months is way to long to expect it. There must have been some threats? Well I hope he uses the refund to make his tank healthy so this wont happen again to any more fish. Demi
  3. Looks great! I have the same type of tub but only 100 gal. I made a heavy mesh cover to keep the hawk and other animals out. I only get late day sun and it is filtered so that wont be an issue for me. What did you work out with the power? Sorry if i missed it. Demi
  4. This same thing happened to me last summer... I had some duck weed in a bucket nest to the pond and was putting in a hand full every day or so for the fish to eat. One day the plants must have been cooked a little from the hot temperatures and when i put the plants in for the goldies they reacted violently to them and got all covered with think milky slime that sufficated 9 in minutes. I was able to pull two out and put them in a rubermaid tub I was keeping extra water in. And the slime sluffed right off. Dont know if something like this happened to you it just reminded me of what happened when you described your situation. Sorry for your loss. Demi
  5. We have them in the Rivers around here. They can grow very long i mean very long and live easily 100 years in the right conditions. Taste good too with a nice beer batter and deep fired. Sense they can live a long time there is consern that toxins can be stored in their fat. Demi
  6. I hear you there. Most years here in Oregon we can be wory free of low temperatures after mid April. Here it is near mid May and the nights still get down there. I Still have plants that want out too lol My goldies are ready for larger space and a new view... even if its only up Too bad we cant make little jackets for them to wear and send them out to play now. Demi
  7. I use barley staw in my pond to keep the blue-green alge from over growth. I wonder if it can be used in tanks. It does come in pelet form. anyone try this? Demi
  8. I use an Aqua mini foam filter with a slit cut into one end and stuffed onto the intake. I have to take it off and rince it out once in a while but keeps all sort of things from getting sucked up into the pump. Demi
  9. sounds like you need a live cam to me 8)
  10. They have a tail or foot of some sort and they move around in the gravel to eat junk. The ones I had are from tidal waters and would find increased food sorces after the new tide came in and was deposeted in the mud. if they are really doing well there will be a slight openening to their shell and a vent sticking out a little. Demi
  11. My mom and dad brought some fresh water clams from the wild and put some into the 10 gal white cloud tank and some in my grandma's pond waterfall. They need to muck around in something like gravel that has debris in it. They lived a long time in the tank but have finally all died off. I had also brought one up that I found in a creek near where I lived in Sacramento that was also in the tank. The ones in the water fall are all gone too I think. Still a couple closed shells last time I cleaned out the waterfall, but I think they are all dead with mud in the shells. I remember when I moved up from California back to Oregon I had two goldies and a clam in the 5 gal bucket with the battery power air pump for the air stone. This was in the moving truck cab with a cat in her kennel cab and two gerbles in their kritter keeper. That was one funny trip.
  12. Gia I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful fish. I have tears streaking my face as I read all of the thoughtful posts. I do not know what I would do if my cats got into the tanks. I have been having trouble with them bringing in mice still alive to play with them. I have a baby that was rescued in a critter keeper tub and we dont know what to do with him. Our hearts cant stand putting him back outside. It is funny that we cant even get rid of a pest. Thank goodness we dont find many stray cats or dogs around or our house would be over stocked. I wonder if Milo is having cage/tank envy? Maybe he longs to be inside a warm clean tank and to catered to?
  13. oh no I thought Piglet lol The second name I came up with was gumdrop. You know the whitish ones? How big was jellybean when that was taken. He looks so Tiny. congrats on your Demi
  14. I do not use heaters in the betta tank or the white cloud tank. They are both at room temp. The betta is in a 1 gal and I would like to have him in a bigger space. Demi
  15. I am curious if my betta has a fungi growing on him. there is a small area on his head that is not colored right. It kinda looks like he has lost the seal on his water proofing. If that makes any sense. I am going to consider treating him before I put him in with the white clouds. I dont want to rush anything that may cause harm. Thanks again
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