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  1. Hello all! I've technically been a member of this forum for about 7 years now although I haven't been very active in over two years. I'm wanting to get back in to the aquarium world with a saltwater set-up. I was looking at the Oceanic BioCube 29g but have been seeing some bad reviews on it. Does anyone have any experience with these set-ups? Also what type of livestock can be kept in a tank this small?
  2. went to do another water change and decided to test it again and now the ammonia is at .5 ppm so im going to wait another half hour and see if it goes all the way down
  3. what could have caused it? what should i do? every week just after i get done with my gravle cleaning and water change i test the water, i just got done with my weekly maintience a few minutes ago and i tested my water and my ammonia is now at 1.5 ppm, last week when i tested it, it was at 0 ppm, please help
  4. my tank is in my bedroom, it faces a big window but i always have the drapes shut, so it stays pretty dark during the day
  5. hmmmm, i think i have brown, other than the color whats the difference? how else can i take care of it so i don't have to scrape it off every few days or do i just have to live with it
  6. I have an algea problem, it has seemed to have lessend the past week but in case it does come back would i be doing myself any good by investing in a UV? do i need a canister filter to use one? should i buy a canister filter first?
  7. i thought i'd give a little update for any who may be following this topic, my black moore (whose name is plankton if i haven't already mentioned it) seems to be doing ok, im guessing that the new food must be doing him some good, he does not seem to be staying at the top of the tank near as much and he isn't swimming crooked very much anymore, i still feed as normal and i guess he is getting food, i haven't beed watching as closely, my guess is that he is getting any food, that is missed by the others, that is on the bottom of the tank he also gets a lot of the algea that i scrape off the side of the tank, that's about it, i'll keep everyone posted
  8. acctually i don't want to let my idea out just yet (in case it doesn't work) the only people who know about it are me and mike (fantailfan) i will pm you with my idea
  9. i think the partly submersable one might work, if i were to hook up a hose to the intake and put it in the water and hook up another hose to the output and put it in another tank for example would the powerhead need to be in any water at all?, shouldn't have to be right? since it is getting water?
  10. ok what if the water intake (im assuming thats what needs to be submerged) is connected to a tube or hose thats under water, and it pull the water throught the tube?
  11. does anyone know about these? do they have do run under the water? im working on something that i might need one of these for
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