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  1. I don't mean to freak you out but my first tank (now a few years ago) took approx 13 weeks to cycle (with fish in it). Just keep up with the water changes - hopefully it will sort itself out soon!! (I remember I thought I'd be changing water daily forever!!!) Jenn
  2. You really need to know your water params. Poor water quality will kill fish quickly. You ned the lps to tell you what the readings were not just that they are "ok" (I am not sure about your LPS but I had to show the guy working in mine how to test the water & read the results.) When you say you transferred him to the bucket - did you use fresh/treated water or did you transfer him & the water to the bucket? What are you using to treat the water?\ Jenn
  3. Are the eye & the gill flap on the side of him that was stuck to the filter?? Was/is he floating around head down tail up? (THis can be a sign of septecemia). It is not a good sihn that he won't eat. Do you have a seperate tank that you can use as a QT tank? Jenn
  4. The Prime binds the ammonia so it is not toxic to the fish. I haven't been on in a bit & so my poor rusty memory can't keep up but I agree that I would just keep an eye on the ammonia level. I would continue to use Prime as a water conditioner though when doing water changes. You haven't said but if you have ammonia in your tap (I do) sometimes you see a slight spike immediately after a large water change (if you test right away). I find the Prime takes care of this. I wouldn't do anything with that pH as long as it's stable. Jenn
  5. I always forget that little decimal point!! Thanks glitterfish! Dave - the dose amount I gave you is correct for .1%, I just forgot the all important decimal point! (Wouldn't want you to think it was OK to salt to 1%!!!!! Whoops sorry about that!!!) Jenn
  6. Daryl - I'm with you . It was quite the trip trying to bend that tubing the way I needed it to bend. I'll take it over the ribbed stuff though. I was getting pretty frustrated with the whole clean the tank ...turn on the filter...clean the tank again. The first time that cloud fluffed out the outflow.....I think my eyes just about bugged outta my head! Kingyo - The Fluval came with gray ribbed tubing. The ribs catch all the gunk & hold it there until water (with force!) comes through. I even tried holding the python against the outflow while I had someone else plug in the filter. I'm glad its done though. The fish look much happier. That tank has more algae than any other in my house. I'm not quite sure why it does though (no direct sunlight to any of the tanks). I'm hoping I can spot the gunk now & be more proactive in cleaning the tubing!!! Jenn
  7. I agree with glitterfish. The stuff that removes ammonia can also prevent your tank from cycling properly (because it removes the ammonia from the cycle), need to be changed with some regularity & you can't use salt while it is in (which means that if your fish gets ill - you may cycle again. Probably not the time you want to be trying to do that.). What happens is that the ammonia remover eventually will re-release the ammonia back into the water (if it's not changed) & will re-release all at once all of the ammonia if you use it at the same time that you use salt. I too think that Prime is a great water conditioner & a tremendous help during cycling . While I was cycling, I tried to keep my ammonia & nitrite levels under 1.0 (still high I know, but if you knew the water changes that went into that...sheesh.) That's when I found Prime. You sound by your levels that you're well into the cycle. I think I'd just "tough it out" at this point. If you want to, you could salt your tank to 1% to try to help your keep your fishies gills healthy during the nitrite phase of the cycle. (I use the 1 teaspoon per gallon rule = 1%). If you do choose to salt your tank - remember to only put back into your tank what you took out (ie if you do a 5 gal change, only put in 5 teaspoons. Do not salt for the entire tank volume everyday/every waterchange-salt is only removed with water changes & does not evaporate. You can quickly oversalt a tank that way.) Good Luck & enjoy your fish! Jenn
  8. Just a question - why are you trying to regularly salt the tank? Jenn
  9. THe NItrAtes are the end product of the cycle. I wouldn't add tank water just to get NItrAtes. (In a cycled tank they're what you're removing with the water changes since the bacteria are handling the nitrIte & ammonia). It could be that you're still partially cycling. Have you tested your tap water to see how it reads (mine comes with all sorts of bad stuff like ammonia & nitrate along with the clorine)? I'd continue with the small water changes based upon the test readings. I'm glad your fishie is doing better!!! Hope this helps - Jenn
  10. I just had to share . I just spent close to 3 hours cleaning & re-tubing my 58 gallon!!!! Oy!!!!! I have been hanging upsidedown in the cabinet under my tank close to the whole time!! I guess the fish will be happier but.... my back!!! (The Fluval tubing that came with the filter was totally covered in algae & sludge. I remember reading about using clear tubing from Home Depot BUT...somehow I didn't remember anything about how stiff it would be (can you say hairdryer???) Looks good right now. (I have to go & get the clamps though - I must have been in an alternate universe & I let the guy talk me into metal. Now I ask - WHERE WAS MY BRAIN?? ) (so I decided I'm just taking the time to post. Time off for good behavoir ) Goodness the board looks all sharp & new. I've missed everyone so much!!! Hopefully things will calm down soon & I'll be on more....guess I'm off to check out the rest of the boards!!! Jenn
  11. Depends upon how much you've disprupted the cycle. Unfortunately (for your back) it sounds like you're cycling again. It's good that you're keeping up with the water changes though!!! I forget if you mentioned it but are you using a water conditioner which binds ammonia & nitrite (like Prime). That would also help (It will still show up on your tests & it will be available for the bacteria BUT it will be less toxic for the fish) Jenn
  12. I'll bet the filter change did it. That's why its so nice to have the extra media baskets. That way you can cycle which media needs changed & the other baskets will hold the cycle better. When you rinse your filter media make sure to always do it in either old tank water or in treated tap water (untreated tap water will kill off the bacteria) Jenn
  13. Oooh - my hubby has promised me a built in when we finally get around to our addition, I think I will have to check into this!!! Hmmm......
  14. Barebottom is easier to vac. I like the look of river rocks myself. (I have an in between size & it doesn't cover the entire bottom) In fact in my one tank with regular gravel (it's a betta tank) I grumble every time I have to deal with all the nooks!! I'm glad it went away on its own. Hopefully all will keep going smoothly!!!
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