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  1. I don't mean to freak you out but my first tank (now a few years ago) took approx 13 weeks to cycle (with fish in it). Just keep up with the water changes - hopefully it will sort itself out soon!! (I remember I thought I'd be changing water daily forever!!!) Jenn
  2. You really need to know your water params. Poor water quality will kill fish quickly. You ned the lps to tell you what the readings were not just that they are "ok" (I am not sure about your LPS but I had to show the guy working in mine how to test the water & read the results.) When you say you transferred him to the bucket - did you use fresh/treated water or did you transfer him & the water to the bucket? What are you using to treat the water?\ Jenn
  3. Are the eye & the gill flap on the side of him that was stuck to the filter?? Was/is he floating around head down tail up? (THis can be a sign of septecemia). It is not a good sihn that he won't eat. Do you have a seperate tank that you can use as a QT tank? Jenn
  4. The Prime binds the ammonia so it is not toxic to the fish. I haven't been on in a bit & so my poor rusty memory can't keep up but I agree that I would just keep an eye on the ammonia level. I would continue to use Prime as a water conditioner though when doing water changes. You haven't said but if you have ammonia in your tap (I do) sometimes you see a slight spike immediately after a large water change (if you test right away). I find the Prime takes care of this. I wouldn't do anything with that pH as long as it's stable. Jenn
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