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  1. Dog food is not designed for fishes, just because the fish didn't die during the tests doesn't mean that it is ok. Sure, we could eat fast food every meal of the day, we wouldn't die, but i'm sure we all know the consequenses of such a diet. the same goes for fish.
  2. Hi, i have several plants in my tank, and i was wondering if regular gravel would work. I've had my onion plant in there for months, and it seems to be doing great. I've added javafern and sword plants in there. At the lfs, i found something called laterite, wat exactly is it? It says plant substrate. Thanks in advance.
  3. Muttly looks like she is about to pop, all of your pics are great, thanks for sharing.
  4. Hey, great pictures, thanks for sharing. Btw, what size tank is that it looks huge.
  5. She is beautiful, you don't see that many pure white ones, especially mixed in with regular colored fantails. I'm sure she will be happy with your care.
  6. Porkchop looks great! His color and wen looks amazing.
  7. Hmm, if your fish seem healthy, then it should be no problem, but if you see other symptoms like hi-d said, then it should not be ignored. Just keep a close eye on your fish, as long as the yawning isn't in excess, then he should be ok.
  8. Yes, just get spring water gallon jugs, put water in them and freeze it. then put them in the tank, it works very well during hot summer days. Another method that i've heard of that requires more effort is to get a pump and a bucket of ice and then pump water through a tube that goes through that ice and back into the tank. Hope this helps.
  9. I am not sure why they do that, but it seems like they are yawning, stretching their mouth. Like when we are tired, we like to stretch. So nothing to be worried about, all goldfish that i've seen do it all the time.
  10. Just give the new fish a few days, when u first get them, they will be frightened and usually don't move much. Keep us posted and show us some pictures.
  11. Hey, great pics, the oranges kinda look like lemons. Ur fish are awesome, thanks for sharing
  12. hi-d has some excellent advice, goldfish may seem like alot of work, but it is well worth it. Keep us posted, and btw, what kind of equipment do you have in the tank right now?
  13. Great pictures, those ranchus are amazing.
  14. thats a pretty disturbing avatar... but w/e, goldfish colors tend to get brighter in the sunlight, kinda like what happens when we tan in the sun. Does the tub have filters and stuff?
  15. lol hi-d. As long as the fish is healthy there should be nothing to be worried about. I used to have a fantail that would sleep almost vertical, i guess every fish has their own favorite sleeping position.
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