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  1. you can get 5-gal buckets that have lids that stay on really well, and wont pop off if jostled like a rubbermaid tub will. If you stay overnight some where, I would change some of the water out and clean some of the poop out of the bottom of whatever medium you carry them in. I believe i read in the forum months ago when I was more active when moving fish you should not feed them the day before, Im not sure of the reasoning. Maybe that will spark someones knowledge and inform us. Best of luck to you. I'll be moving my goldfish and my chichld tanks from my dorm room back home in a few weeks, but I only live 30 mins from home, but even that is worrysome. Cheers -- SpooN
  2. I had 4 african cichlids donated to me recently. as of right now I have nothing more to put them in than an old 10 gallon tank I had sitting around from when I upgraded to a 29 gal for my goldfish. But, I hope to get a larger tank for them soon. I am rather perplexed about water condidtion, nutrition, and in general the lives of cichlids. my friend that had them thought they looked cool and he bought them and decided now he didnt want them and was just going to let them die so I saved them. I've had goldfish for years and thought it would be kewl to have a cichlid tank too. im using cichlid pellets for food, and the water is 78 degrees. should I be adding salt to the water, since they are brakish fish? as i understand they like a pH of 8. I have caves and tunnels built out of river rocks this gives them little hidy places. (I have made sure they were cleaned and fish approved) I had a pleco, and a cory cat in there with them. but after a week or so they were not to be found and I found the cory during a water change...well a few bones from him. and right after they went missing I found the pleco behind the tank. I take it they got hungry and attacked them when I was gone for a weekend. I used a weekend feeder, but I guess that wasnt enough. from all that was described, am I doing everything right? any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. i think there is a new definition to the term pet: An animal with the right the be spoiled by its owner.
  4. wow thats amazing. I have never tried to handfeed my gfs, I shall try that one day though.
  5. spoon

    Fin Rot?

    i think it may be poor water quality. Best of luck. My advice would be to use salt like others have said.
  6. my shubunkin used to do this alot. he would think that the bubbles floating on top were food and would try to eat them. I just let him do his thing and after a few months he figured out it wasnt food and doesnt sit at the top gasping the air.
  7. I had 2 commons in a 10 gal for a year, then decided that I needed to get rid of one cause they were monsters for the tank. They were both 3.5 inches, not including tail. so i put one in my grandmothers outdoor garden pond a few weeks ago and its already grown and inch. I'm thinking about putting the other one in the pond and making a tropical tank. I want to make both the commons little monsters, and giving them room definatly is the best way to let them grow, that and water quality.
  8. wow, thats a big fish. he's almost big enough to eat the redcap. and off of a fish from the carnival, man, talk about beating the odds.
  9. like touchofsky said, squeeze them. My bulbs were floating and I squeezed them and air came out then they sat on the bottom. this might help.
  10. spoon


    Take a friend with you hiking at a river and rather small rocks off the shore. being of course to clean them. I used to do this all the time. Cheaper than buying rocks, and you can find interesting types, shapes, sizes, and colors.
  11. Rocks are fine to put in tanks under certain conditions: 1. They do not have gagged edges. 2. Have been cleaned properly. meaning boil. When im at college, I dont have a stove in the dorm to boil with, so I use bowls of the hottest water I can get and I soak the rocks and give them a good rubbing to get all the dirt off. oh and dont use soap. Hope to have been of some help. -- SpooN
  12. oh I almost forgot, try putting your pump on a folded towel. it will absorb some of the vibrations, which is what is making the noise.
  13. i have two different types of pumps. I bought a Rena pump first, because everyone said it was the quietest, and the box said it was extrememly quiet. it was pretty quiet, but I also bought the cheap one at wal mart, and it is even quieterk, but it doesn seem to put out as much bubbles. I have them both in 10 gallon tanks and have the same type stones attached, so i dont know. its up to you. If you get another one, post what type you get and let us know if its loud or quiet. Maybe one day a list could be compiled on here with user reviews of equipment. -- Cheers, SpooN
  14. shake and jerk...meaning....? Are they flashing? Will they be swimming and then nose dive into the bottom of the tank and scrape their sides on the rocks? Or is it like a siezure in the middle of the water?
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