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  1. Another thing to consider is the lead spine in the dorsal fin, is it actually there? I've had goldies in the past with broken spines and the dorsal would/will never go up, even if the fish was happy to see me. I'd repost a pic of one with this, but I'm not sure where I moved it to. If you archive my posts long enough , it should turn up though. Paul
  2. Yes indeed. I blame Koko for showing me that one, had to order it RIGHT away. It does work well though.
  3. You could try soaking the tubes in hot water to see if that will losen any of the stuff up. I've got a long flexible brush I run through on a odd occasion. Here's a link to what and where to get it: http://www.aquariumpros.com/p-MLD554,ATfb.html
  4. I'd spend the money on a different filter. I ran 2 on different tanks with canister and biowheel filters and had a hard time keeping them clean. They are now hiding in a box in my clutter. If you don't like the fluval ribbed hose, you can order smooth stuff from places like bigalsonline.com or drsfostersmith.com. Or you could hit up your local handyperson store--home depot or whatever. I've got a fluval fx5 and some older 404's with the ribbed stuff and have no problems. Paul
  5. For heater wattage I've generally gone with 5 watts per gallon, be it for goldies or tropicals. So that would give you a 150 watt heater for the 30 gallon. From what I've seen in the past, heaters go 50, 100, 200, 300 or bigger for wattage, meaning you'd be best with a 200 watt heater. (always better to go a little bigger in size) Here's a couple links for titanium heaters: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod...mp;pcatid=13966 ( I have some of these and would get more if needed) http://www.aquariumpros.com/c-HTtt.htm Glass tanks are readily available, while acrylic seem hard to come by unless you order one, which might get spendy. Glass doesn't scratch as easy.
  6. Another thing to look for on the pectoral fins with males is the very first ray is alot thicker than on females. This *usually* goes with the white dots. It's very obvious with bigger fish. Here's the best photo I could dig up in my collection--had a different one floating in my memory-computer doesn't have it though.
  7. I"ve been pondering getting one of these big dogs for awhile and found one on sale. Anybody have one or heard anything about it? Here's a link to what it is: http://www.hagen.com/usa/aquatic/product.c...=01002180021001
  8. There is a new auction at Goldfishconnection.com. Oh to drool over some of the fish but unable to buy any..... daryl---did you stand outside during the warm weather last week? That should've taken care of any fever problems instantly. brrrrr
  9. If you could help us out by answering the questions in the big white box, we can better give a plan to help treat your fish in need. I'm guessing it's your water quality based on all the other things you've done so far.
  10. If you sign up to be on the email list at Goldfishconnection.com you should get a notice when the next one occurs. I've gotten emails about the last couple ones that have happened. Otherwise hope someone posts about the next auction going on.
  11. I would put the airstone down to the bottom, this will help circulate the water and air better. You do have a filter on your bucket? You didn't mention having one in your beginning post. Ich is a stressed induced problem, probably from the fluke infestation. But, it is easily treated. As for treating ich, it looks like a couple steps have been missed, so here's the whole regimen: To deal with ich you'll want to get a heater and raise the temp to around 80*f (raise 1 to 2 degrees per hour). Make sure to have adaquate aeration in the tank when doing this. Higher temps equal lower oxygen levels in the water. Then you'll want to turn off the light on the tank and cover the whole tank with a towel or blanket (this helps reduce the stress level with your fish allowing them to battle ich better). On every 3rd day you'll want to gravel vacuum the bottom of the tank to remove any dormant ich particles in the gravel. Along with all of this you will need to either: 1) medicate with a product containing malachite green such as Rid Ich+ found at your local fish store (mmm, nnnn etc.) Make sure to remove any carbon in your tank, it'll absorb the meds rendering it uneffective. OR 2) treat with salt, add salt to a total of 3 tsps per gallon in increments of 1 tsp per gallon every 12 hours. Use any salt which does NOT have anti-caking agents in it. Dissolve it first in a container with a little tank water before pouring it in. Remember when doing water changes to add enough salt for the amount of water that was removed. With the water changes use water closely matching the tank temp and add a dechlorinator appropriate for the amount of new water going into the tank. Keep up the treatment until the fish has been completely ich-free for at least 6 days (which might well take a couple of weeks) I do agree with the others--you should deal with the ich first and then move on to treating other stuff. One last suggestion, check on your fish only when you do a feeding. This will help keep the fish and the fish owner calmer. PS--ENJOY CHRISTMAS
  12. If memory serves me correct, goldfish do their *smelling* and vibration feeling through the lateral line that runs along side their body. (see pic, yes it is bruce) So yes a little like radar, mostly just receiving though. Your observation about your fishy memorizing a path is correct. Goldfish do have a memory longer than 3 seconds. One thing to consider once Astrid is placed back in a regular tank is to not move the decorations. This will allow your fish to adjust to a very good comfort level knowing where everything is. How's the ich treatment going? If you need any suggestions, feel free to ask.
  13. I'm sure there is a scientific explanation somewhere from way back about which size is better. The big thing is you have surface agitation which is where the oxygen gets into the water. I've noticed at least my fish prefer the smaller sized bubbles--feels like a jaccuzi.
  14. I'd skip the clip. I cut stuff up into bite size pieces and let the freeforall begin and see who eats the most. I've had some of the kids munching away on stuff in a corner and a piece of mandarine orange comes floating by, the eyes perk up wide open just like a little kid at a candy store. Off they go with the mine, mine, mine look. Mostly it's just trying what size pieces work for the size of your fish and what veggies they like. Have you tried unsalted frozen cocktail shrimp? MMMMM. Mine go bonkers for it.
  15. Try running a day or two of just peas to see if you can purge the glut. If that doesn't help out, you might want to ask around in the disease section ( I haven't had much dealings with this problem). Here's a link to a picture Koko put in the Gallery section: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...y&cmd=si&img=74
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