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  1. This is a finished tank stand for a 125 gallon tank I put together with help from dad and his work shop. It's stained and varnished to make it look purdy. View attachment: Finished_stand.jpg
  2. I've got a 58 gal tank with a bottom that is toast. I've got a couple questions on how to replace the durn thing. 1) How or what do you use to remove the trim around the bottom? And what do you use to resticky it? 2) Do the four sides sit/rest upon the bottom? Or does the bottom rest inside the four sides? 3) Is 100% clear silicone sealant OK? Or does it have to be aquarium grade silicone sealant? 4) What's the best way to spread the silicone into a nice smooth surface? And how far out should it go? Any answers appreciated.
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