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  1. Hi,

    Rooting around in the gravel is typical goldfish behavior--they will do it all day long. That is, if you have gravel--I have a bare bottom tank and can see the sinking pellets laying on the bottom so I know exactly how much my fish eat. :D

  2. Hi and welcome to Kokos,

    Immediately do what Annette suggested--a major water change (50% only, don't change all of it) and fasting for a day or two then feed peas.

    It sounds to me like the pyramid feeder polluted the tank--those feeders are not worth the trouble.

    When I found this website 2 years ago, I had the same problem with an eight year old goldfish--I had cleaned the gravel with a siphon for the first time and stirred up some awful bacteria that were festering in it. My fish was bent exactly like that and unfortunately it was too late by the time I tried to help him.

    The "bent" spine in the goldfish is a serious thing and I believe that fasting the fish and cleaner water should help as long as it is done in a timely fashion.

    Good luck!

  3. Hi,

    Diva is right that you should not be completely cleaning the tank. Weekly partial water changes are recommended.

    The tank needs to cycle and develop beneficial bacteria for fish to thrive. By continually cleaning the whole tank, it will always be in the state of cycling which is hard on the fish--the evidence of nitrite shows that the tank is not cycled completely.

    Nitrite is harmful for fish and can kill them. Do a 30% water change using a conditioner.

    And read this link on tank cycling. Cycle of the Tank

    Good luck!!

  4. Hi and Welcome to Kokos!

    I think of Kokos as a friendly place so I feel badly that someone would be rude to you about tank size. :unsure: We have to remember that we all started somewhere and often it was goldfish in a bowl. :o

    It is relative of course, tiny goldies will be fine in a smaller tank but they can and do grow fast when given more space, good filtration, proper food and regular partial water changes.

    As goldies get large, it is much easier to care for them when the tank size is bigger. It is hard to imagine a 7" or 8" goldie in a 10 gallon tank, let alone 2 or 3 of them crowded together.


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