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  1. I have just set up my tank in my bed room and am wondering what kind of things i now need to avoid doing. e.g. I have stopped using spray deodrants and now use rolls ons, can i still wear perfume etc if i remember to stand well away from tank to spray? Im guessing scented candles are now a no no, can i still burn unscented ones? if i use nail polish/remover in my room can the fumes get in the tank water? What else do i need to think about? Thanks
  2. When my fish died last year I Just turned the filters off and left the tank with all the plants and gravel etc without emptying it or washing it out. A lot of water has evaporated but there is still a few inches of water in the tank and the filter (external) is still full of water. And so my question is....Can i just top the tank up with water, turn the filter back on and let it cycle? as its still in water will there be bacteria in the gravel and filter still for cycling? I would rather not completely empty tank if it an be avoided. Thanks for your help
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