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  1. Its not a problem. These plants come from my 55 gallon with the goldies, and there are never any snails in there. im not worried about it. She's cute
  2. I got a snail! Im so excited. I took a plant from my goldie tank (which i never find snails in, they must eat them before they get big enought o see) but there must have been a single snail on it. She was really tiny about two weeks ago, and she has doubled in size. I named her Daisy! Im going to go out this weekend to buy a small veggie clip for her so I can give her some yummy treats. I just LOVE snails!!!
  3. I heard something similar to this awhile back. Anymore, if I have a tiny scratch, I wont put that hand into the tank. Awhile back my fish had ick, and I had just gotten a cut on my hand the day before from a knife. It was small, but I refused to put that hand in the tank. I guess I was worried I would get ick. I typically inspect my hands and arms pretty well before they enter the tank. Im a worry wart. LOL... But I do have to admitt, I refuse to wear gloves. I hate them. I cant get anything done with them on.
  4. Ok, heres the situation. About a month or so ago, my fish got ick. Not postive how they got it, i hadnt added any new fish to the tank without quaraniting them first. Ok, so they got ick. I treated for 2 weeks with .3% salt, took all the live plants out. Treated for a week after all ick spots were gone. Everything went great. Only odd thing I remember is i noticed the ick spots on both my black fish (black moor and ranchu) throughout the treatment, ONLY the black fish showed signs of ick, and it definantly was ick. OK, so none of the other fish got ick spots. It seemed odd, but anyways.... SO, now these are my current findings. Salt is all out of the tank now, live plants are back. Everything is going smoothly... but my black fish seem odd. All the other fish seem fine. No blood streaks or spots or anything BUT my two black fish have spots on them from time to time. My ranchu has white dots going down his pectoral fins, in an even line going down the curve of them. There are about 5, all in an even line. THEN, b oth black fish seem to have a thicker slime coat. A few of their scales are missing, with shiny bronze where the scales are missing, and then from the time i got up, to the time now, i noticed a few little strands on the fish. I thought it might be anchor worms, but after a long inspection and with a magnafying glass, they didnt look like anchor worms. Almost like the fish had scratched up on something, and it was a piece of skin or scale or something coming loose, but it was definalty a small strange. The two spots i saw, both next to each other, are no longer there... but both black fish's slime coat seems kinda thick. All the other fish seem fine. What could it be? Am I just worrying over nothing?? Test Results for the Following: Ammonia Level? 0ppms Nitrite Level? 0ppms Nitrate level? 15ppms Ph Level, (If possible,KH and GH and chloramines)? Ph Level out of the Tap? Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 55 gallons, been running 2 years What is the name and size of the filter/s? Penn Plax Cascade canister filter How often do you change the water and how much? Change it once a week, about 35% How many fish in the tank and their size? there are 5 fish in the tank, all pretty large. What kind of water additives or conditioners? I add Aqua safe and florapride to the water Any medications added to the tank? Nope Add any new fish to the tank? Nope What do you feed your fish? Omega one, along with fresh fruits and veggies
  5. LOL, all those pictures are sooo cute!! My cats lately have taken a liking to my fish as well. Especially sophie. She will sit on the stand for hours just watching them. Since mine doesnt have a lid, ive caught her a few times standing up just waiting for one of the fish to come close enough for her to get it. LOL, luckily she's declawed and the fish seem to know better... Plus, shes just a tad bit too short. LOL.. Its pretty funny to watch.
  6. For along time I just used the cheapy whisper filters on my tanks. I had an aquaclear, but the pump went out on me when the electricity went out. Those whisper filters last a LONG time and did a pretty good job for the price. I now have a canister filter, but i was pleased at how the whisper's did for the price. I had two of the filters meant for a 75 gallon on my 55 gallon. So I was using alot of extra, but it worked pretty good.
  7. I have a Penn Plax cascade canister filter. I love it. Its been awsome! But all the other ones mentioned are great brands! Just shop around. Alot of the time, you can find them cheaper... **EDITED TO SAY** When I bought my canister filter, they gave me over $20 discount all because the box was slightly damaged.. I didnt complain... the lady at the check stand was like "its your lucky day, the box is damaged so you get $20 off" they had the same filter in boxes that were fine.. but i guess its their policy.. So something to check out. LOL
  8. Happt Goldfish Day to you!!! That guy who wouldnt knock off 10% really made a bad choice! Any place around here would be HAPPY to work something out if your gonna be spending that much money. Your money is worth more to many other LFS then that place!
  9. When I cycle my tanks, I never let the ammonia or nitrites go above 0.5ppms. Ive had it spike pretty high, but the fish get pretty stressed out, so it should be kept as low as possible, but witout taking out too much water to get rid of all nitrites.It just causes too much stress on the fish. The only thing is, when you do the water changes, you dont want to nitrites to go to 0ppms. Try to keep it around 0.25ppms and .5ppms while cycling. It should start to lower soon. I keep my nitrates below 20ppms at all times. Hope this helps!
  10. Oh gosh... this is sooo tough. I have way too much decorations for starters. I have boxes of them. I'll buy some, use them for a month, and then see something new I like... Im sooo bad about that! And I cant give them up, because what if i want to use them again.... I also have like LOADS of meds. I had to make a special chest that goes under my fish tank that is just FULL of them. I never use them... thank goodness, but i have them JUST IN CASE! LOL, I even had a supply of medicated foods, just in case! I also keep about three boxes of salt on hand... which ryan says is WAY too much. And I also have about 10 bottles of aquaclear and flourapride JUST IN CASE. I dont know what I was thinking when I got all them, but its like I was thinking "what if all the petstores close??" LMAO... And I also have like 5 things of food... most i dont use... but they just sit there. luckily im no longer overstocked, so i cant say too many fish, but its very tempting....
  11. I have a penn-plax cascade 100 canister filter. Before that I had two whisper filters for 75 gallon tank both on my 55, but they were who knows how old... I also had an aquaclear filter, cant remember what model, but the moter went out on me one time when the electricity went out... so yeah
  12. How many watts per gallon do you have going? Since the light is two years old, i would suggest getting a new one. If its one of the bulbs that came with the hood, those are typically no good, especially for plants. If you want plants, I would say you need at least 2 watts per gallon. I have 4+ going in mine. Or you could buy some really low light plants, but i would still suggest getting a better bulb. Look around at some LFS and see what they have. I tried using some plant ones I found at vvvv, they were called Nutri-grow lights. Even though they said they were meant for plants, they didnt work very well. I think I had one plant that did ok with it, but the rest died off. I have compact flourecents in mine. They work nicely. I really like them.
  13. Well, I finally have some extra cash, and want to buy some live plants. Ive been looking at local places, and they just dont have a wide variety, plus ive been wanting to get my hands on some java moss for along time, and just cant find any around here. I was curious who else has bought plants online, and from what sites? Im afraid i'll buy some from a site, and turn out not to be soo great. Thanks!!!!
  14. have you thought of just letting it grow across the back of the tank? In my opinion, I always think if you let it grow lush and thick just on the back, it looks very nice. But if you really dont like it, the only advice I can give is buying an algea scrapper and putting some elbow grease into it. Its the only thing Ive found that works.
  15. WOW, that guy sounds like a really bad person. Its good he got locked up before he hurt anyone else. Its also a shock to see they charged him with animal cruelty as well, as most people dont consider goldfish as 'pets'... I feel deeply for that family.
  16. Well, I got my tropicals today. I went to a few different LFS, and ended up going with a few male guppies. They sure do seem happy, and boy are they pretty!! I really like them! I'll have to take a few pictures and post them up
  17. Where I live they want around $12 to $15 for the black lionheads or ranchus. I rarely ever see them. I saw some the other day at vvvv, and had to buy one. They wanted $14 for them, and $3 for the orange lionheads/ranchu's that where the same size. It really all depends on where you live. I think mine is pretty good looking, I like him alot. Apparently, vvvv (here anyways) said this was the first time they've ever seen them in their store, and none of the other petstores have them here. Not even mmm. There is a LFS that said they could special order us one, but thats about it.
  18. Thats awsome! Congrats on finding such a great deal! I wish i could find deals like that around here!!! So what ya gonna put in it?
  19. That certainly is thomas there in my siggi. LOL, he was digging around in our closet one day, and I come in the bedroom, and hes jumping on the bed with daddy's old cowboy hat on. It was just too cute! Just to help the cycle along, I took gravel, water and filter media from my big tank. Its really helped jump start things but hooking the filter up to the goldie tank is a really good idea. I never even thought about doing that. Im just soooo excited! I cant wait to go and get my new fish when the tank is cycled!
  20. That certainly is thomas there in my siggi. LOL, he was digging around in our closet one day, and I come in the bedroom, and hes jumping on the bed with daddy's old cowboy hat on. It was just too cute! Just to help the cycle along, I took gravel, water and filter media from my big tank. Its really helped jump start things but hooking the filter up to the goldie tank is a really good idea. I never even thought about doing that. Im just soooo excited! I cant wait to go and get my new fish when the tank is cycled!
  21. Thanks for the site! Ryan keeps buggin me that we should start a salt water (but a big one, not a tiny one) and we even have the lighting system for one (i use it for my plants) but Im soooo afraid I would kill everything... plus that means I would have to get rid of my goldfish. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Oh, but we we're talking last night that when we move into our house, we're gonna hire ryans dad (he does construction) to build us a salt water in the wall! That will be fun! Thats still a long ways away, but im still nervous. LOL. I think i'll stay away from the small salt waters and just wait entil I get a bigger tank to do it with. But boy are they pretty!!!
  22. Ok, im just alittle curious about this. One of the small LFS has tiny little salt water tanks (smallest is a 1 gallon!!!). I dont think there are really any fish in there, mainly coral, but they look awsome. What im curious about, is how is this possible? What kind of filters and other stuff do they have hooked up to these? How do you get lights small enough? I was just a tad curious because I was interested (just interested) in possibly turning my 5 gallon eclipse into a small salt water (im more interested in the coral then fish if possible) but had no idea how this was done. Just something im interested in, nothing im definanlty going to do. As you can probably tell, i dont know a darn thing about salt waters, but was just curious. Thanks a bunch!
  23. ive been wanting to make my own gel food, and after reading this thread and a few others, Im pretty confident about it! When I go grocery shopping this weekend, im gonna make a list of stuff to get to make it! Oh..... im so excited!
  24. Ive kept puffers in the past, and these type really cant have tank mates as their pretty aggressive at times. They are cute though. I agree with going brackish if you decide to get any. They can also be pretty sensitive to water params, so you have to have good water quality
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