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  1. tumbled glass is fine, as long as there are no sharp edges. to check, run a stocking over the edges, or your finger (but VERY carefully) if they are not sharp or pointy, you're good to go
  2. well, i don't know what this fish is, found his pic onlien somewhere and kept him cause he looked so weird, but i think it's very beutiful and unusual, i would LOVE a fish liek that
  3. guys, bear with me for being stupid, but whats a bio-ball? never heard of anything similar around here...
  4. congratulations on being a fish grandpa i dunno much about plecos, but breeding anything is an achievement so WAY TO GO!
  5. maybe we should write those people and tell them they would have a greater chance selling that if they didn't advertise it as a goldfish bowl. like, if i wasn't so upset at them people being stupid and saying that you can actually keep a goldfish there i would buy it to keep candy or somethign in it
  6. gwen


    maybe your fish were feeling ill or stressed, they tend to pale in color in that case; when u added the salt they felt better, so they brightened up
  7. yeah, i'm with ipodgirl on that one
  8. NO, No, no! you can save a fish from dropsy, i did it, and im no expert... there's advice on the site, give it a search! you need maracyn and epsom salts and new water every day and he still can have a chance.
  9. i managet to get a fish out of dropsy with epsom salts, antibiotics (maracyn would be your choice, i guess, unfortunately we don't have it here) and the bucket-to bucket method. every day you move the fish to completely new water, matched in ph and temperature, with the salts and medication added (works out kinda expensive, cause you have to dose a new tank every day) however, my fish was not very advanced, he was still swimming a little, and wasnt lying on the side. you could give it a try though... i wish i could give you more helpful advice, but i'm not exactly a pro, still kinda new at this hope your fish pulls thru
  10. i'm sure the sea glass won't chemically affect your water, because otherwise the tank walls themselves would, since they are glass too. i have some beach glass in my tank, didnt notice any problems. even the colourings they put into glass are chemically inert, so from that point of view i'd say go ahead and use it. the only problem would be if any of it is not worn smooth by the sea and still keeps any sharp edges. so i would advise checking REALLY carefully for edges, giving the glass a good wash/boil and you should be good to go. you can use the bottle necks to make it look as if your plants are growing out of them
  11. gwen

    Betta Tanks

    and a front view
  12. gwen

    Betta Tanks

    saw this thread late, but here's mine
  13. WOW that is THE most beautiful fish i've ever seen . A ghost fish!
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