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  1. Unfortunately,Mads beautiful lemon fish didn't make it past 24 hours.
  2. When my bubble Opal got caught on the filter,the whole side of her that was caught,looked like that--white and fuzzy also,but it was the slime coat itself that looked like that from being shredded.I just continued with the Med. food,and the pristene water,and it eventually went back to normal. AS for pulling the scale off,I would personally leave it alone,as chances are it will fall off eventually,I'm sure. Does this area have any swelling or signs of redness,or is it just the white fuzziness?
  3. I love any goldfish that has that lemon yellow color,but I normally don't see that color around here.
  4. Because it is a new tank,it is going through a "cycling" stage,and the first part you will see are the ammonia readings,until those numbers go into Nitrites. It is very important to continue the water changes so that you can keep the ammonia as low as possible to keep the fish as safe as you can. Any reading over 0.5 is unsafe,and long term damage is a possibilityso you want to try for around the 0.5 range.It will take a lot of water changes,testing and patience until you get the tank cycled. What size/type of filter are you using? Here's an article that may help. http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/cycle.html
  5. Congrats on the new tank.Upgrades are always so exciting.You'll have to keep us updated on the decorating of it. BTW,your fish are adorable.
  6. Congrats on the new tank.Your little guys are really pretty and the extra tank space will only benefit them even more.As for decorating it,I wouldn't be too worried.I like minimal amounts myself as it gives the fish a lot more swimming room.
  7. opal,Rick at the Goldfish Connection,recommends that you feed the Medi-Gold twice a day.The fish needs to get a certain % of his body weight in food to get the correct amount of medication in him so Rick says to feed them as much as they can eat in two minutes. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi Black Opal and welcome.Sorry to hear that Walrus had such an awful experience. Sounds as if you guys found him right in the nick of time. The very best thing that you can do for him would be to continue keeping water pristene. I have a bubble eye named Opal myself who got shredded by getting her bubble and the side of her body stuck on an Aquaclear filter,and she almost looked as bad as Walrus herself. Between salting the tank to 0.1%,feeding Medi-gold for any secondary infections,and keeping the water perfect,Opal is now almost back to 100% again. Although I have come to realize that the bubble eye's bubbles are very delicate,they are tough fish,and hang strong. I have three of them and I'm in the process of moving them all into a bare bottom tank,free of ornaments and scarey filters.They are some of my favorite babies. Walrus is a gorgeous color and looks to have a nice healthy body,so hopefully he continues on and gets back to normal in no time.Good luck and keep us posted.Great pics by the way.
  9. I just wanted to mention the fact about your tank being up and running for 5+ years,and no mention of a Nitrate test kit. You would be shocked at just how fast Nitrates can climb in a well established tank and the fact that the tank was maxed out,makes it happen a lot quicker.High Nitrates can and will eventually cause alot of problems for you,so it would be in your best interest to look into a test kit,and make sure that those numbers are safe. High Nitrates can indeed cause issues if your fish have swim bladder problems,as this will irritate them even more. As for the white spots,I'm more inclined to think that they are being caused by water quality issues,and I think that once you begin a regimen of water changing at least 50% weekly,and also doing a good gravel vac,you'll see a big improvement with your goldfish.You were showing a Nitrite reading after your water change,and on an established tank,you should really never see that. Those under gravel filters can be great filters,but personally,with the waste load that goldfish produce,I can just imagine the muck/waste ,that may be sitting under that filter. Hopefully with upping those water changes,your fish will all get back to feeling better.Good luck.
  10. Hi Mary,glad to see you. I wouldn't worry about the posts vanishing for reasons such as being gone for so long or stepping on any ones toes,as we don't do that kind of thing at all around here .I sometimes lose posts myself,whether it's personal computer issues,or a problem with the net or this particular server ,who knows? You got this post to work,so I would just try again. If you're actually talking about a 911 post or a diagnosis post from another time,they do eventually get moved as problems are solved,so that could be another possibility.The last thing I can say is that sometimes people post in wrong sections,and Mods will then move to the correct area. These are just some ideas of what may have happened to them.
  11. I'm sure that Dyson will be happy with his new home,and that he'll love a new friend.
  12. Awesome pics there ,especially the first one.(I love anything that looks purple or blue) Mushrooms have always been a favorite of mine.
  13. To me and my eyes,it appears that Sno is showing signs of Breeder Stars on a couple pics and looks to be a male fishy.
  14. Once again,I am sitting here wishing that I was out in your back yard Debi. The pond looks like it's beautiful self,and wow the fish themselves look great too.What awesome color they have.
  15. I'm a frog person all the way,so I'm digging it. Awesome little fish that you have ther,Conrgats!!!!
  16. The popnd is looking as lovely as usual Anette.How I wish I had the opportunity ot do that myself,for I have wanted a pond since I was a wee girl. Keep the pics coming.
  17. Now you can finally step back and take that long awaited breath,for the time has come to really sit back and enjoy all your hard work.Looking forward to lots of pics and seeing just how much they've all grown Debi.
  18. I had to laugh at that one! My Spixi's are the worst for that egg laying crap.Looking the way that they do(the eggs) ,& then being under water just makes it harder to notice that you even have them. Great pics!
  19. Hi,Sorry to hear that your fish is having problems. As much as I hate to ask,can you try and answer as many questions up above as you can,including actual param #'s and tank temps?Also include your normal maintainence schedule for water changing and gravel vacs.Having exact info from the start not only helps aid in discovery of a diagnosis & treatment,it can also sometimes shows us why the original problem started to begin with. What % of salt do you have in the tank right now? You said that this white fuzz started around it's mouth?Any redness along with it,or any white little strings blowing in and out of its mouth? Any other patches of white on any other part of the body---any dark marks appearing over/around his gill plates? The few times that I had to deal with what I thought was columnaris,I didn't have much luck with the Maracyns at all.Being that your fish has had this for almost a month,it sounds as if the meds have been helping to keep it from getting any worse,but not completely knocking it out either. Any chance that you happen to have any medicated food-Medi-Gold,or Metromeds?They can only be ordered online at the Goldfish Connection. I found that by feeding my fish medicated food along with using triple /Tri-Sulfa,that the combination helped get rid of the problem. Any meds in the Sulfa family mainly "inhibit" the bacterial growth,but doesn't actually kill it.It leaves that up to your fish's own immune system to do that part.The medicated food was used as an aid to help kill the bacteria. Treating for flex(columnaris) can be tricky,and may sometimes take a few different tries to get the right med that works for you.I know in the past,it's been recommended by some to use a broad spectrum antibiotic.I've also seen where people have used something like Kanacyn/Kanamycin,Fungus Eliminator,etc. with success. Oxytetracycline in food(which would be the metro-meds) is also suppososed to work well. Hopefully you'll find something at vvvv.Mine usually carries a decent group of meds. And JMO,but I'd forget about the Melafix/Pimafix .They're considered too mild when you're dealing with a bad bacterial infection.
  20. How long have you been using this filter,and how often do you rinse filter pads?IS the filter completely dead,or do you feel it warm to the touch,or vibrating? These power filters have little Impeller-which are what spins to make the filter work.Sometimes they can get caught up with plant debri/muck,etc. Before buying a new filter,I would go through the steps of rinsing the filter pads,and checking that the impeller doesn't have anything wrapped around it.If the filter is older,sometimes the impeller wears down.It has this sort ofring on it that can crack,so take a look at that too.If that's the case,for a couple of bucks,Big Al's has most replacement parts for filters. Just some ideas. BTW,how big is your tank? And just for the record,vvvv is still selling the 110's on line for 39.99. I know that Aquaclears prices have gone up quite a huge jump,but so far,vvvv is sticking to the old prices-which is exactly why I went and ordered one.
  21. Jen,your fish stories are getting almost as good as your girl scout stories!!!
  22. And so the story begins...... Congrats on the snail eggs.Don't assume the first couple clutches will be infertile though,as some of my youngest snails shocked the heck out of me with 100% hatchings,and believe me,that's a lot of snails to start with. And once those girls start laying eggs,it seems to become their favortie pastime besides eating/pooing of course. You'll have to kep us posted.
  23. So sorry to hear about Slappy.
  24. Heya Kristi,congrats on finding the Blue Tetras.I never see those guys around here much. As for them being juvi Neons,there are quite a few Tetra's and Blue ones for sure. http://www.aquariumlife.net/profiles/chara...etra/100133.asp
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