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    I want to start by saying that you should never start other threads in different areas about a problem,just because you feel the need.When you do that,information in one thread may not always be as updated or included in other threads.The key to helping cure a sick fish,is to have all the data in one place so that we have all the facts.In a serious sitution,that could make or break a fish's chance on life. Goldfish can actually handle going up in ph,far better than it can on dropping ph's when it comes to sudden changes of ph.. Ph too low,results in acidic conditions. Ph,when it is too high results in alkaline conditions. Most times,it's all about stability.Goldfish can deal with a wide range of Ph's from 7 to over 8,but it's got to remain stable.Having a high ph also means that if any ammonia shows up in your tank,it will be much deadlier to your fish,then someone dealing with a much lower ph. When having a high ph,you should never let your ammonia get past the .5ppm mark because of the high toxicity it carries---although in an established tank,you really shouldn't have ammonia.What particular test are you using? Some symptoms of high ph can be a fish producing excess slime, and gasping at the surface,gasping, red streaks, sudden death,etc. What does your water read straight out of the tap?DO you have tests for GH and KH? How big are your tanks?What size filters,and how much aeration do you have in these tanks?What are your param readings for ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate? Take a bucket of water and test its ph right out of the tap----leave the bucket sit for 24 hours,and then retest to see what your ph is reading. Is 8 your normal ph reading,or are most times,they're reading closer to the 8.6 mark?
  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news,but when it comes to cleaning your tank,no one will eat the poo from anyone.Bottom dwellers and snails are just like any other fish.Some like algae,some don't,but in general,they like to eat everything your fish eat,along with some fruits and veggies-In fact some require it in their diet as a staple. That term"cleaner fish " or "bottom feeder"always bugs me. Nothing personal on you of course---those terms often confuse "Newbies" when they're first getting into the aquarium hobby,and often times those types of fish are bought for the wrong reasons.The only thing that actually cleans the tank of debris and waste,etc,is weekly water changes along with a good gravel vac,and lastly a good filter that does what it needs to do. As for the Mardel 4-6 Week Live Meter for Freshwater,I've only heard what fellow fish keepers have said,and that was the fact that they weren't happy with them. I've heard more positive from the Seachem products. I've never used those things myself-so once again,it's third party thoughts. The most reliable as said,is a drop test kit such as Aquarium Pharmaceuticals.No guess work at all on results-it's just not a quick fix /test.It takes a little time to test out each param,but the tests when done correctly,are spot on. Those test strips are somewhat okay,but not the most reliable readings either.They are good when you're in a hurry, to get a general idea,but when I use them,I always know that the reading results I get always look much better than the water turns out to really be,if you know what I mean. Snails are great creatures too,but they also have special needs,such as a ph at or around 7.6 to maintain good quality and health.They are also very sensitive to any change in the water,have a waste load almost as much as a goldfish,and need calcium supplements,whether it be liquid form,or from fresh calcium enriched veggies. It definitely wouldn't hurt if you read the articles on cycling. It's calm right now for 2 reasons, a) you're working with a bigger tank, and b) you're understocked(which is good) ,so it may take a little longer to see the first signs of ammonia-which will soar overnight once they appear.Ammonia is one of the biggest fish killers for beginning Fish Keepers,and can be rather overwhelming,so the more you understand it,the easier you'll deal with it. Good luck with everything.
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    In all the years that I've owned Moors,they've always stayed black for me with the exception of Captn' Morgan,who at this moment, has almost completely turned orange.Being that black is the hardest color to keep on a fish, you never really read about a fish losing black and then regaining it again. Normally,most of those Color enhancing foods are sold with ingredients like carotene,spirulina,and other items/ingredients that tend to brighten some of the fish's dull colors,and alot of times,fish fed those enhancers can or do end up going to a color change of orange or red. Being that it was in the anal area,I'm wondering if it was red from some sort of infection?... And if the color was truly orange,then kudos for you that Dyson retained the black afterall.I've never been lucky enough to see that happen.
  4. You know Andrea Koko....She probably has ordered more stock tanks allready. Her new home wouldn't feel completley right to her unless she had many water features,turtles and bunnies running around. Andrea,I heard someone was looking for a home for a Peacock or two....... Anyway,the fry look great for sure,and are getting huge by the second.Keep showing us pics.
  5. Jim,your Ranchu are looking awesome! I'd take any of them in a heartbeat. Can't wait to see what the one changing color is going to look like. Great pics!
  6. Okay,you really do have way too many fish in the tank.Doing water changes every four or five days won't work,because it's an uncycled tank,so ammonia will build up super fast-especially with all the fish.All the problems that you are seeing is because of the conditions the fish are living in.There is not enough tank space,and the water is probably toxic because of it. Ammonia and Nitrites in your water like that are going to eventually kill them all if something doesn't change immediately.The black spots that you are seeing on the fish are areas where ammonia burned him and now he's trying to heal. As for the test results being "normal",what are the exact numbers and what test are you using? It would be very hard to imagine 8 fish in a 15 gallon tank w/ water changes every four or five days,and yet water quality be okay. How often have you been dosing with the General Aid product? How many times? As for the filter,I've never heard of it,so I'll have to do some googling on that.Do you happen to have any kind of bubble bar/air stone in there? After you test the water and give me the results,I want you to change out at least 50% of it. Make sure that you use treated water that also matches the temps of your tank water. IS it possible for you to get another tank-take some fish back,or look into a Rubbermaid container to split these fish up?
  7. Thanks rock4life,as I didn't realize that he had all these threads started. dexter,it's very important when dealing with a problem,to always keep the information in one thread.It gets way to confusing on what's going on with your fish if you don't.We need all info and updates together. If you had 8 goldfish in a 15 gal. tank,your water quality has to be pretty darn bad,if you're not doing massive water changes on a daily basis.When fish are kept in poor water quality,the ammonia & nitrites can be so bad,that you will start to see the fish scratching/flashing/racing around,etc. because they are in toxic water-which will eventually kill more of them. You need to answer the questions being asked.That's the only way that anyone can provide you with any sort of help. I don't know how often/how much water changing that you are doing,but I would start by doing a 50-75% change,and then later in the day,I'd do another.How long has your tank gone in between water changes?How much are you changing out?
  8. So where are the pics??????? 5,000 gallons sounds like a dream,and I can't wait to see it happen for you.In the meantime though,I want to see pics-----froggies,koi,etc.
  9. Very sorry to hear that you lost him dexter. You may still want to answer what I asked you above,just to make sure that any other fish are going to be okay. Once again,I am so sorry for your loss.
  10. Hi Kilope. Welcome to the forum. My first questions would be, a)"Were they doing this behavior before you moved them into the bigger tank? b) When you moved them to the new tank,did you slowly acclimate them to the new temps/param readings ,etc. of the new tank,or did you just plop them in to the new water? c) Did you use a conditioner to make the water safe of chemicals/chlorine,etc? Other than that,it's really hard to know what's going on as we would need to know a lot more background info-how long you've had them/size that they are/how often were you performing water changes/filters used,etc.There are just so many other things that I could ask you. Sometimes when you move fish /or buy new fish,people have the tendency to just add the fish into the tank-not having any idea if the temps match the water that they're in,or if the ph is equally close to the ph of the water that they're sitting in. And there are still times though ,that all is fine with the tanks temps & params,and a fish newly added to a new tank will sit for a while just until he adjusts to the new digs. As you can see,there is never no cut and dry answer,so if you can add anything on here to give us more idea,that would be great.
  11. Poor girl,and a big one at that,no?Look at the girth on her Imo was indeed right about taking the chance and adding her to your main tank,as that could have caused disaster to your fish in the end.The tub isn't the best,but certainly is a lot safer for sure. The only thing that I want to mention here,is being that we are going into summer,and high temps,you'll definitely need to get something to provide the fish with enough aeration/circulation,so the fish isn't gasping at the top. Do you happen to know anyone near by with a pond? I can't believe the things that people do any more......really makes you mad. How is she doing today?
  12. Devs


    What are your actual water param readings?How big were these fish,how much salt had been added? What were the params of the bucket of water that you took from the other tank? Was your hospital tank newly set up,or is it a cycled tank? When you see afish "twitching",it could be a few things,from poor water quality,to something toxic that could be irritating them,to Parasites.The more info you can add for us,the better. P.S. I'm really sorry that you ended up losing the Moor.
  13. Hiya dexter_a,welcome to the forum.Sorry to hear that you seem to be having probs. A 15 gallon tank is fine for 1 Black Moor,as we try to recommend with at least starting out at 10 gallons per goldie.As they start growing though,you'll find that they actually need even more space than that. I'm wondering as to how many other fish are in the tank. Do you have a name of the filter that you're using,as I'm not sure what you have. If you could look up above,and answer as many questions as you can,that would greatly help,& please include your actual water param numbers.What some people deem as "okay",often times,are really not.What your other fish are doing is called "flashing".It can be caused from poor water quality/Parasites,or both.Once we get the specs on water quality,we can then decide the route that you need to take,to make the fish feel better. I will warn you though,even if you have 2 or 3 fish in this tank,you're going to fiind out that it's too many,so be prepared to look into some other means of correcting this situation-whether it be a bigger tank,rehoming some fish,or using a Rubbermaid tub,to help create space. Anyway,let's wait for your post and see what we're working with.
  14. Congrats on finding Frankie.He's very sweet looking,and I love his coloring.Nothing wrong with being a Fantail,as I love them too. Good luck with him.
  15. Glad to hear that Walrus is coming along so well after his terrible ordeal. I can understand about the net not being very nice to look at,but it sounds like the best idea for you to do. That can only help to keep the fish safer from this neighborhood cat. Continued health for Walrus.Isn't it amazing how tough these guys can be,and how fast they can heal? It's all about quick treatment,and I can't say enough----Perfect water quality. Continued success!
  16. Now Strawberries are one food that I have never tried feeding to my fish( It's probably because that I like them so much) Anyhoo... Just wanted to mention that I've had Cories all my life,and they usually have no problem what so ever when it comes to finding food.Throw a blood worm cube in there,and they'd be all over it in a heartbeat.
  17. How did I miss this thread? I love the little pond!I bet those plants have grown a lot since you took these pics.Updates please.
  18. Nice Bridge Jen.I have this thing about Bridges,I just love them. I don't know the size of the openings,but maybe you can add some of those small ornamental river like rocks if you have any sort of floaty issues.That's what I use anyway.They're easy to dump out and clean. I normally don't advise using hollow ornaments,but I know you and the fact that you'll definitely clean under it. Take some pics of the finished tank.
  19. Hiya Chris.Long time no see. I'm thinking that I love Cloud.I love those Black/White Ryukins. Good to see you showing your face.
  20. That pic was too cute!!!! I could picture him with his hair standing straight up( Well,if he had hair ) Great shot!
  21. Good lord Carol,you have been ever so busy. It certainly sounds pretty exciting for sure,especially watching the fry take shape and lose/gain colors. I've seen your pics,and they are not terrible at all,so get to snapping! I want to see the blue-line lionhead/ranchu fry. Oh heck,I really want to see them all.
  22. Doc's sig says that his tank is 120 gallons--nice size. BTW,I love the new guys,especially the first one. Congrats!
  23. Hi Dani,and welcome.I just wanted to say that around here,we try not to bring up posts that are older than a couple months,as most times,the older posts are not quite as accurate as they were at one time.
  24. Those Reds are very pretty Carol,so I can see why you couldn't pass up the chance. You do need to start another pic thread though with pic updates of all the big babies.Between work ,summer,and all the posts,I've lost track of them all.How are those other blue babies doing?
  25. Aren't they just the cutest? I love it when they come out having so many different colors.It keeps you wondering and looking forward to & guessing at what the adult colors will finally be.
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