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  1. Your concern should be real,as Nitrites will kill a fish in no time,especially if that fish is vulnerable or with low immune to begin with. How big is the tank-What size type of filter are you using?
  2. My Webpage (Fish Sempai) Fish Sempai is in Canada,and you're actually able to get that food there if you opt for that. As for which med to start with,I'd personally go with the MAracyn II,only because I'm most familiar with that one and have had good results.
  3. Hi Blodyn,and welcome to the forum.Sorry to hear that you're having fish problems. As for the 45 UK gallons,that actually measures just over 54 US gallons,so the tank size should be fine.,depending on the size and type of goldfish Your problems could be the results of a number of things. It could be that when you added the 2 new fish to your tank that your bio load /filter,may have not been big enough to handle the waste of the new fish,or the beginning factor which would be that water params weren't up to par to begin with.Just some possibilities. Also,any time that you obtain new fish,it's always wise to keep them quarantined for a few weeks just to be sure that they didn't bring any sort of Parasites or diseases with them. Although I have a few ideas on what the problem may be,I'd like you to try and answer as many questions up above as you can,just to get a better picture on your tank and its cleaning regimen. That "wooly look" could be anything from ph crashing,to parasites,to fungus,etc.,so it's really important that we know as much as we can. Post soon.
  4. He looks wonderful!! Kind of reminds me of my little Won Ton!!! I so love happy endings.
  5. It's very frustrating to continuously read the misfortunes of people who constantly have fish problems,who are given advice,but sometimes doesn't take it as serious as we would like them to take it. It is also frustrating to read comments from people who offer advice when it's totally wrong. I have owned fish all of my life,and yet I consider myself far from the expert.I think there's a few very important things to take into consideration ,and that would be to a) RESEARCH---I can't stress that word enough.You may not have personally dealt with a specific problem,so the best thing to do in a situation like that is to look more deeply into articles dealing with it,to give you more of an idea of what a person may be dealing with.The thing is though,that There are a lot of diseases that share the same symptoms,so you'd feel awful bad if you just made a guess and caused someone's fish more injury,or even worse,death. For our younger group that try so hard and want to help.Stick to more general answers that you know something about-Basic water changes/Param readings etc.When a person is in need of help,it's not always necessary to give actual advice to them -especially when you're not sure of the answers yourself.What you can do ,is offer your support to let them know that you're concerned,and to keep their hopes up until a Mod,or a more experienced fellow member comes along,or even just suggest that they answer those very important questions at the top of the page,as that alone can prepare the more experienced person on where to begin.That way the Poster sees an answer to his post, & knows that indeed,someone does care and is reading it,and yet no ill advice is given. For the more experienced members,I want you to remember and realize that a)you're not always dealing with adults-b)sometimes children may want to do the right thing,but don't always have the resources,the back up of adults,or the knowledge that is needed,but they are children after all.All they know is that they love the excitement of keeping fish-even though they may not be doing it in the correct fashion that we would approve.We have all at one time or another ,acted on a whim,and did something that we probably wouldn't have done,if we would had only given it a bit more thought. Above all,we need to use patience,understanding and support for that is the only way,that young and unexperienced people will learn from their mistakes. Recently,I do have to admit,that there has been a member or two that has bothered me.In truth,they may have the experience and knowledge needed to help a person,but what it comes down to,is the "way" the advice is being given.I often feel as if some advice has quite a "dig",or a bite to it,and that kind of feedback is indeed a bit too negative for the new or inexperienced member.You can have all the experience and knowledge in the world,but it's all about how you say it.The internet does not allow facial expressions,tones of voices etc.,to come across,making words sometimes seem very harsh to a young or inexperienced person,and that can totally turn a person off.If you do that,than all your experience or knowledge in the world is wasted,and that would truly be sad. Hopefully,no "toes' have been stepped on here.I am not trying to hurt or antagonize anyone,just giving some food for thought. Afterall,we are all here for the very same reasons,we have found ourselves with a passion of goldfish,and truly want them to be at their best. Sorry for the long winded post,especially since I've just got home from a 15 hour grave shift job. Hopefully ,every one gets my drift.
  6. It's real interesting,considering that Hannibal's Mommy was a Choco Oranda,and Daddy was an all white with two orange mark on his mouth and one on his back.And oh,did I forget to mention that Daddy is a Lionhead? Hannibal had really been a dark brown from early on,including his belly,so I was a tad surprised by this change. Still love him though.
  7. I think he is Anette.Where the other fish had that normal baby color,he went straight to choco.Then the other fish went to orange and he kept getting darker,so I really thought that he was going to keep his mothers color.Just this last week though I saw all the tell-tale color changing signs so I'm a bit disappointed,but hey,Hannibal will still be Hannibal and that's why I love him. You can really notice it in this pic.
  8. This is Cricket.Her tail fins have grown back,but thanks to Hannibal,she has a permanent kink in her fin to remember him by. Cricket
  9. I originally thought to put Cricket in the 75 gallon where her brother Hannibal was residing.After about a week,Cricket's tail was almost completely gone,as even though my little Hannibal hasn't eaten a sibling in a long time,he still seems to like to bite on other fish. Hannibal is now in the other 75 gallon tank. Anyway,here is Hannibal and Cricket. Hannibal
  10. Ippo's a real cutie pie,congrats.
  11. How exciting for you and minibus! I bet he's long forgotten all the probs and is now enjoying all the perks of the pond life.Great pics Anette.
  12. Although it's not recommended,I personally would go by your water tests to decide that.There's really no sense of medicating for one treatment,if they're sitting in toxic ammonia,if you know what I mean. This is really when Prime conditioner really helps out a lot,because it detoxifies for you, It's well worth keeping on hand for times like this,even if you can't use it all the time. What are your params reading today?
  13. I see them,I see them!!! Gosh Anette,the Goldfish Fertility Gods must be quite happy around your house! CONGRATS!!!!!
  14. Congrats on your Emperor.Although they're great filters,sometimes when setting them up,they can start out quite noisy until you get everything sitting the exact way that it wants it to be.The easiest way for me to do that is a) play and wiggle the connecting tube to the filter,until the noise stops(which took me three weeks on my Big Emperor ) or b) turn it off--take and empty all media,water,etc,disconnect the flow tube,reconnect and place everything ,and then start again.Sounds complicated,but it only takes a few minutes.Make sure to have the filter completely full of water before plugging it back in. Another trick to remember,or you could end up with the same noisy problems again,is to unplug your filters during a water change-then plug them in after change is done and tank is completely full again. I have I think 8 or so Emperors,and although I love them,they can be a real pain when they're noisy.Once you get things sitting right though,you don't even hear them anymore. You'll have to keep an eye on the tank to make sure that the filter is enough for your tank and fish.I have an Emperor 280,and on a 30,it just wasn't enough filtration,so now I have it on a 20 gal.,along with an Aquaclear. Good luck and let us know if you have any more probs.
  15. That first pic would make a lovely oil painting.Awesome looking fish!
  16. It looks like you have some very lovely fish there.
  17. Not eating is a very scary sign..The thing is that if this is Septecemia,That is an infection that hits hard and fast,and must be treated the same way. Medicated food has always been a plus for aiding in this treatment,but when a fish stops eating,besides force-feeding(which sometimes stresses fish out even more),there's not to many steps left to be taken. A) Is there any possibility that you have a local Vet that could prescribe you Baytril Shots? I think now that the fish stopped eating,this may be one choice to really consider. If this isn't possible,I myself have had better luck when using both Maracyn and Maracyn II together.There are some who don't agree,but when it comes to severe bacterial infections,this is what worked with mine.,along with either the Medi-gold or the Metro-Meds,depending on what I was dealing with. I wish you luck my friend,you have a pretty sick fish,but never give up trying,or hope,as I've seen bad luck go to good .Good luck.
  18. Actually,your best bet is to keep the fish in it's own q-tank,but if that's not possible,then the new tank is okay. I would definitely use the Maracyn II for the full course. Medi-Gold from The Goldfish Connection is your best bet for medicated food as it contains 3 different ingredients to help kill any bacterial infections. Jungle food contains Sulfa drugs,which are bacteriostatic--meaning they inhibit the growth of the bacteria but they do not kill them. It's left up to your fish's own immune system to be healthy enough to kill it off itself. Before you start the Maracyn,you want to make sure and do a 25% water change just to make params are in order. Because these fish are new to you,you really don't know what they've swam in with.If the fish are flashing it could be parasites,but don't forget that poor water quality/huge water changes and temps,and other things can also cause a flashing problem.The salt should take care of most parasite problems if that is the reason.. Is this fish's injury completely closed up looking ,swelled and red,or is it "ulcer like" -meaning some sort of opening in the skin? Any clamped fins,redness on lower body or any other area? Is the fish pooing at all,and what does it look like?
  19. Although people have kept both male and female Bettas together in one tank,it usually doesn't work out in general.Just when you start to become comfortable,you're going to find that the majority of Betta's will attack each other at some point.The only time that I was to ever do this was with 3 very young siblings that I got from a Breeder,and that only worked until they were around 6 months old.When I spawned my Betta's,even the babies didn't take that long to begin showing those traits,and I had to separate them. You can try and take that chance,but to me,that's like asking for trouble. As for your Bettas,how long have they been in the new tank?Water params good? Are they brand new fish to you,or have you had them a while? Most times if it's all new to them,they will calm down after a few days and begin to pick up a routine,including food. Every once in a while,you may run into a couple of Betta's that are just too stressed out because they do share a divided tank.You'll just have to keep your eye on them and make the call.Their personalities are just all so unique,so it may take some careful watching to decide what's best for them. Keep us posted.
  20. Hey Jen,just saw this,and lemme tell you that puppy is the cutest!!! How's he doing now? From what I could see,the fins look a lot better.
  21. Heya claire,Sorry to hear that Mika had a little run-in with the filter. How's she doing today?Acting normal,eating pooing normal,etc? If that's the case,I would probably just keep the params extra pristene,and just keep a close eye on her.As long as she didn't injure something internally ,she should heal just fine on the pristene water alone. If you begin to see any small changes /signs in her behavior,then we may have to delve deeper for answers. Let's hope that its minor and all goes away rather quickly. BTW,Mika...What a lovely name for a lovely fish.
  22. Hi Hobbity1,welcome to the forum. I'm very sorry to hear that you lost your fish.
  23. Well,with it being 4 am here,and me having no sleep ,I'm going to go the quickest route and say that 1 tablespoon equals three teaspoons. So,I'm thinking that if one tablespoon covers 300 hundred gallons,the teaspoons would each be a hundred.With you needing 55 gallons,I'd guestimate around a half teaspoon. Thinking is too hard at this time of the day.
  24. Hi Erin,just saw this thread about Chiclet.Is he continuing to show signs of improvement?
  25. RIP Little Romeo. 19 cows can really do some severe damage,no? Sounds like you have a lot of cleaning up to do around there. Thank goodness that all other animals were safe though. What a rampage they went on. IS the fence severely damaged,or can it be repaired?
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