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  1. Hey Mads,great to see all the new pics of everyone.I especially loved Ash,Baby and Gene myself. My goodness that baby is going to be a toddler in a very short time.He's a total cutie pie.
  2. I see you've lost control again Imo,no? I wouldn't have been able to pass those up either as they both look quite lovely if I do say so myself. My favorite Calico fish just happen to have more blue/white,black,so I like that about those fish. How are they coming along?Any new pics? BTW,CONGRATS!!!!
  3. I was told a long time ago,that it's really all about their genetic's.I was also told that fish in the long run seem to do better if their wens really start growing after their bodies pick up some "bulk" and can handle the added weight on their head,so it's better when the wen growth starts later in their life. I've had fish that were very small with big wens,and I've had fish that really didn't start a real wen growth,until they were almost three years old,and 6 inches big. Funny enough,my two Red Caps,which are around 3 or 4 years old,have very small wens,that are tight looking for lack of better words and real compact . I guess the real answer here,is that all fish are so different,that I don't actually have a real answer. I know that they sell special foods to aid in wen growth,but personally,I have never tried those myself.
  4. What are your normal ph readings? Most times goldfish don't have any problems with the higher ph's,more problems set in when you have unstable ph,so as long as you keep it balanced,it should be fine. The only other thing is that Goldfish and snails together,become quite a "pooing operation",so you'll want to make sure that you have adequate filtration,and keep up on your water changes/gravel vacs,etc.
  5. What pretty little babies! I never tire of hearing of your new discoveries.
  6. That stuff is the worst for mixing up good,I telll you! I personally take a small container that has a lid,add Prazi,add enough water,and turn the music on while I shake,rattle and roll. I did at one time use cleaned out gallon milk containers,but soon found out that my arms didn't hold up long enough to get it mixed as much as I liked. This works for me however,maybe someone has found an even easier way.
  7. Hiya Debi,just saw this,so I guess a Big Congrats is in order.Did you ever manage to get any pics of those two?
  8. WHat a nice surprise to find Andrea.Although it will be almost impossible to get a pic of him now that he's in the pond,I would love to see pics of Hubby's ponds.
  9. Glad to hear that your fry are still coming along Jen. As sad as it is,the weak ones do perish on their own. I'm not so sure about the eggs hatching in 2 days as being the culprit on the deformity factor,although it may have played a part,My thoughts would be more along the gene lines in the parents,and where they came from and how they were raised.Unless you yourself start a breeding line with good quality fish yourself,chances are we buy more "pet store quality" fish,meant only to bring in money,so their backgrounds probably aren't the best,as those places are just in it for the money. Regardless,the babies are sweet.I know I love my own like they are worth a million. .
  10. I myself ,thought it looked more bacterial like too.Before using the Meds,do a good water change-at least 25%,before you start treatment,and make sure that you do an entire round of the Meds.It's best to get that bacteria before it errupts into an open ulcer,but Water-born meds aren't a great help in truth, because the fish aren't able to absorb it most times,so if there's any way of you making a med. food ,it would be a great help.We are so lucky in the States to have the medicated food available to us.In the mean time,try to keep the params as pristene as possible.Good luck and keep us informed.
  11. It still sounds as if he's trying to scratch/flash on objects,and that could be a sure sign of some parasite,or toxins in the water.What are your actual water params reading,how often/how much are you changing out water? Have you seen any signs of poo yet-if so what does it look like?
  12. Have you started a treatment for the Ich,as that is something that can get out of hand fast. I would also consider keeping your tropical fish separate from any Goldfish that you may want to keep. The bigger sized tank along with the Emperor is definitely a better idea than the set up with the bottom filter,as they tend to build up with waste pretty darn quick. Any one else showing signs of Ich? It's also very important to keep your params in tact.Level for ammonia being a 3 is very deadly,and can bring on other major illness or even death. Post soon on what steps you're taking.
  13. Have you ever treated these fish for any type of Parasite problems?Any signs of redness on under belly,or flashing/scratching against rocks/ornaments,etc?? Can you take a look at the gills and see if they're bright ,red,meaty,or kind of pale and tattered looking?Fish pooing & eating okay? You may also want to consider adding on some more filtration to the tank.I personally found that the 280 wasn't doing a great job on my 30 gallon.
  14. Sorry to hear that you lost your fish. My guess would be that because black marks are a sign usually for ammonia burns healing,that you may have had a bit of a water quality problem at some point.
  15. Often times,when your fish are dealing with Parasite problems,they seem to get quite run down and vulnerable,so it seems like most times,they do go into a secondary infection.It's almost impossible without seeing a professional,to know whether it's one or both most times.My advice to you, would be to do a treatment for flukes,along with an antibacterial treatment since your fish are not eating. Personally,it's a bit costly,but Prazi-Pro seems to be the best treatment for flukes,and the med itself is safe on your fish and filtration.Flukes are one of the toughest parasites to kill,and I personally have used Prazi-Pro,and it worked great. You may have to spend the extra money on the Maracyns at mmm,as each day that your fish suffer from illness,makes them weaker to the parasites & infection.A sick fish can go fast. Good luck and keep us posted. I am going to combine your threads so that we have all information together.Makes it so much less confusing.
  16. Hi hlim ,and welcome to the board.I'm very sorry to hear that your fish are having problems. First,I want to start with the size of your tank and 5 fish.If they are very small,you can do it for a while if water params are kept pristene,other wise 5 goldfish in a 35 gallon tank,could very well produce a lot more problems for you,as we recommend at least 10 gallons per fish at minimum. When you treated for Ich,what was their symptoms?Did you keep the tank in total darkness,as the Meds become ineffective with light. Also,when keeping the temps up high,did you have extra airstones ,as the higher temps along with a lot of different meds will decrease the oxygen level in the fish tank,and you'll find the fish doing more gasping,etc. Did you quarrantine the new fish before you added him into your main tank? My guess that when you added the new fish,it may have not only brought in parasite problems,but it could have also affected your params,therefore stressing out and making your fish more vulnerable to sickness. How small are these fish? (I also want to add the fact that sometimes treating some of the smaller fish with Ich meds and salt,they don't always deal so well with them) How long did you do the entire salt treatment at 0.3%? In using this treatment for Parasites,it's normally recommended to do it for around two weeks.That normally gets rid of most Parasites,except for flukes and a few parasites that have now gotten resistent to salt treatment. As for the secondary bacteria infection,you definitely have signs of that.I don't recommend Pimafix and Melafix myself,as they aren't really strong enough for a bad bacteria.Often times,you're better off using a course of the Maracyns for treatment. This Comet missing the scales,was he flashing at all during any of these treatments that you gave him?Any objects in the tank that could have caused injury to his scales? Tell me more about the 2 fish suffering from patches of green fungus. What color are these fish=where are the patches located,what do they actually look like? Any changes (good or bad) since you last posted? Let me know what your exact params are reading,and where you're at with treatment.Post soon
  17. Glad to hear that you've seen some improvement with them.Cloudy eyes can very well be caused by ammonia burn too. What happened with the little bubbles that was all over the fish?Did they disappear on their own?
  18. Here in the States,the Aquaclears have always been known to be a good filter with a bang for the bucks. Recently though,there was a huge raise in cost though,which has now made the price totally ridiculous. If looking at Power filters,I'd consider 2 of the Emperor 400's.If looking into the cannisters,you can't go wrong with the bigger Eheim's.A lot of people also like the Fluval Cannisters also
  19. Nice pics of those guys. As far as I can tell by the pics,they do seem to look like Physid (pond/pest snails) to me. These guys are hermaphroditic,so they need no one to help lay the eggs. The bad thing about these snails are,that although they look just as cute as any other snail,because of them being "hermaphroditic",you can have 2 that you see around for a few months,and 2 months later ,there may be 300 or more. I once bought plants on line that I didn't disinfect enough,and ended up with these guys because of it.It literally took me 5 years to have my tank snail free again. Depending on food source ,determines just how fast they reproduce. http://www.fishprofiles.com/files/profiles/r90020.htm
  20. Glad to see that you made it back.The pics were outstanding and very enjoyable to look at.What I would give to have a street of fish stores.... Thanks for sharing.
  21. Hi Jen,sorry to hear that all is not well with your fish family.Your water params are pretty spot on,so that is good. Sometimes when fish are going through the stages of breeding,you will find some of these behaviors and symptoms,as these fish can get pretty rough at times.I know that when my Oranda was getting chased,the boys were really rough on her and that whole area was sore and red looking.It did go away pretty fast once the chasing was over.There are boys that will also have problems too,whether it be just the stress of it all,or that they were actually "rough housing " just a bit much and too ,could be paying the consequences of it all. How does her actual vent look?Any signs of redness on her under belly? I see that it's been a couple of days,are you seeing any improvement at all,things at a standstill,or have they gotten worse? Because of the breeding behavior,I would think it would take a good day or two to rule out the fact that it is,or isn't the actual problem,before you decide to treat for anything else. As for the Metro-Meds,etc., it's Not that we think that they are better than Jungle,as it really depends on what condition your fish is suffering from,and how serious it actually looks,or is ,as to what specific drugs your fish may need. Medi-Gold,Metro-Meds, contain actual antibiotics that kill bacteria,where Jungle food contains sodium sulfathiazole and nitrofurazone . Although these drugs are antibacterials,These two drugs are considered "bacteriostatic.",which means that they do not kill the actual bacteria in an infection,they inhibit the growth and leave it up to your fish's immune system to kill out the actual bacteria.The only thing with that,is if your fish is sick and suffering from an all ready low immune system,it may not have enough in it to kill off all the bacteria,and if that is the case,then the Medi-Gold's,etc.,have a better chance because of the meds that do kill the actual bacteria. Jen,update on what's going on.
  22. Very nice Imo.The more help on fry around here ,the better.We have a few good fry threads,and it's always interesting to see what works for people. Glad to hear that all is well.
  23. Seems like someone was "getting busy" over at your place,and congrats are in order. Just a note here,Hannibal was only 2 days older than most of his sibs,and somehow he managed to still eat most of them,so never assume that they are big enough. Hannibal grew much more quickly than everyone else(It may have been all that extra protein )Anyway,that's how he got that name. Good luck,and I hope things go well while you're away.Keeping finger's crossed.
  24. This is a really old subject that seems to come up constantly. As much as it sucks,all fish stores lose fish for what ever reasons.Shipping /stress,etc.,bring in many fish that are all ready sick,or fish with low immune systems that are placed in not so nice environments-therefore making the fish more vulnerable to anything that may all ready be in the tank with them. As for the place that you're talking about,it's an old complaint,and they've been bashed tons of times for it.When it comes down to it,it is not a Pet Store,therefore you can expect to see more problems than the rest.Inexperienced people are hired, and come and go constantly, and are just placed in that department with out any real training on how to care for these fish.Even sadder is the fact that they buy low-grade fish,and it's probably easier to let the fish die and get a new order in, because medicating/treating would cost a lot more I'm sure. You can talk to Store Manager's.Sometimes it may make a difference,but most times,it doesn't seem to help,especially when that department's not one of their biggest or most profitable departments. I've gotten to the point where I buy no fish from this place if I can help it.Sounds sad,but I've been in the aquatic hobby for years,and it took me a long time to actually realize that it's a no win situation.For every fish you may save,there are hundreds that die on a daily basis. Most times when you bring new fish home ,and you don't have the knowledge or experience to back it up,you increase the chance of infecting any healthy fish that you may all ready keep,sometimes doing more damage than good. These poor fish start out on the wrong foot,at an age in their life where it all makes a huge difference on their health/size/long term health,so a lot of times,you may "save" a fish,only to find out later that it died way before it's time because of long,established problems early on in life. One of the best ways that you can fight back,is to not buy fish from stores that have this sort of reputation.If people do this,then that department makes no money ,which in the end will cause Manager's to close down that department. There is no point in continuing to buy fish in places like this,that continue on with the same negative care,because by doing that,you keep it opened for more.. I just want to add that around here,we have quite a few of "those stores". Most keep their fish in deplorable conditions,but we actually have one or two that are way better with their care and health. I know a few other well known pet stores, and as great as their tanks look,there are also a lot of health issues with their fish and care,so it's not always just the Department stores.
  25. Bernie's a beautiful little fishy.If only Pandas stayed Pandas. Regardless,what a looker!
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