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  1. It's one Teaspoon per gal---1 Tablespoon per 5 gallon. Medi-Gold should run about 14 days before you stop feeding it.Feeding it off and onlike that won't do much good.If you really want to switch to Jungle Lab,I'd go with their anti-bacterial,not the parasite. The salt should take care of the Ick.We're looking to cover any secondary infections with the food.
  2. Leo is such a sweetie-one eye and all. I have a couple Lionheads with only one eye and I love them to pieces.The pic's are all really great!
  3. What about these? I've used some of the Epoxy sticks before to hold rocks together in the tank. http://www.bigalsonline.com/catalog/catego...ategory_id=1559
  4. Devs


    I'm really sorry about the Betta, chrisinha.Hopefully your friend will understand that you did the best you could.
  5. Hi and welcome.WHat a tiny little guy you have,but oh is he cute! When using salt to cure Ick,it must be used at the exact levels for at least two weeks,even after the white spots disappear in order for it to work. For a ten gal.tank,you need to be adding 1 tsp. per gal(10 tsp.s every 12 hours to get it to 0.3%.Salt must be dissolved in a little tank water before being added to the tank.Do you have a heater on this tank?If so,I'd crank it up to about 80-82.Salt will kill the actual Parasites-by using heat,you'll quicken the cycle of them and be able to rid the cyst's of the tank too.Gravel vac's need to also be done. Even after the white spots start disappearing,you need to continue with the salt treatment for about two weeks.The Ick is still there even though you may think not, because there are no spots to view.If you have to do a water change in the meantime-make sure to temp match it to the tank,and add any salt that was taken out in the water change. As for the Powerhead,Personally,I'd take it out and add an airstone to aid in aerating the tank through this time.I think that your little guy is too small and weak right now to deal with all of that. That may be the reason that he continues to swim in the same place without moving around. Between the filter and the powerhead,he may just be too weak to withstand it. I think I'd also go back to the Medigold to make sure the he's covered if any secondary infections pop up.Dig a little through the food.Often you'll find that there are some pretty tiny pieces.Feed him whatever he can eat in two minutes,twice a day. Keep an eye on Params,you can do changes when needed.Good water quality is always a must especially through an illness. Good luck-finger's crossed-I hope he pulls through.
  6. Congrats on your new fish-what a cutie! Not good at just coming up with names,but there are alot of member's who are.I'm sure they'll have a name for you in no time. Good luck!
  7. Congrats on Jeremy-what a little cutie-pie! He looks like an Oranda to me.
  8. Annette's right,you need to take that Koi out of there and find a new home for him.They can be quite aggressive,especially when they're fighting for space. How big are these fish?
  9. Congrats on the great lookin' tank! Apparently the cat approves of the Canopy. Your fish are going to love it.What size is that?
  10. <_< It's an OLD link that flyboymonkey responded too without even checking the link,and seeing that it was broken. That falls under posting to gain post number's flyboymonkey,so be forewarned.You will be docked the next time.
  11. Hi and welcome. Does he look like he has a Donut around his eye(Popeye)?It could also be Trauma too,if it's only one eye.Any sharp objects/Ornaments,etc in the tank? As for treating him,we really can't say anything until we hear more about your tank,and maintainence.Post soon.
  12. I think you were right on the first choice,
  13. I never tire of looking at your pic's.I especially loved pic 4 and its extroidinary color's.I also loved the close up of the Gobi and the other's.Excellent pic's as usual Ron.
  14. I'm with Jen .My Goldfish do it without me first noticing because I buy alot at one time.I have a ton for about a month,and then all of a sudden realize overnight,"Hey ,where did it all go"? Those guys enjoy eating it for sure and would love the little pieces that you snipped off for appetizer's.
  15. Don't you have enough to deal with????Glutton for punishment,eh? Nah seriously Congrats on your babies.Although only one egg hatched for me,I'm loving him to death. You can start feeding them as soon as their egg sacs disappear and they start swimming around.Feeding newly hatched Brine Shrimp made my baby grow fast.Look over the fry food section for other options,and continue to take pic's as we love watching them grow.
  16. Devs


    Glad to hear that you did away with the Ick.What medication did you use,and for how long? Did you follow it to a T? During this bout of Ick,were you doing water changes/gravel vac's?If you were doing all these steps,chances are that you erradicated the Ick.If not,then Salt would be a good follow up,and Annette has helped you with that. Good luck-Hope the Little Bugger's are gone.
  17. Sorry to hear that you lost your little Oranda. The thing that came to my mind was Parasites.Goldie's gills are normally red,meaty color.The Pink gills with the white threw them, sounds like a parasite was bothering it.Sick fish aren't my specialty of course,but that's what I'd suspect-Especially when the fish was eating,and not showing any signs of bacterial infection.I'm sorry for your loss.
  18. I don't know about you guys,but I use Breeder's Nets alot. I've used them for the obvious-(babies),but I've also used them for fish that may have injured theirself,Grow-out Fish,Temp holding area's for Betta's,and even keeping Duckweed in the tank so my filter's wouldn't get clogged. What I found out was that when using these Breeder's Nets often,they tend to either rip at the top or just eventually fall apart pretty quick.You don't see replacement Nets,so I'd often find myself just buying a whole new Set-up. A couple weeks ago I had some cory eggs and was searching frantically for a Breeder's Net,and when I finally found it,there were holes in it.Knowing that I had to get these eggs out of the tank quickly,I came up with Panty Hose!!!! Yep!!! Just cut a piece off up around the thigh area-slide it up and around the Net box,and then tie a knot underneath the the box to secure.It stretches up around the fittings real easy and stays snug,and when you're done,you can rinse it well,or just pitch it out. It doesn't get any easier or cheaper than that. I have tons of Pantyhose that I've put a snag or two in-some I'm good for quite a while.
  19. Alot of veggies and fruit high in calcium are listed in the link above in the very first post.
  20. What a great shot you got in that pic above, those little guys are fast growing,and so cute.
  21. I just want to add for all those people asking,"Who's Donya" ? right about now that Donya is one of the Moderator's at Applesnail.net. She really knows her "Snaily Stuff"
  22. Thank you soooo much for explaining that for us. I belong to the Apple Snail forum,and have read and passed on a few times that snails don't get Ick.I have just seen a few cooments on this board lately,that said oh yeah,they do get it.Anyway....................I think that this is quite a popular question,and may just pin it for everyone. Thanks Donya!
  23. Hey,Right now,there's a few threads going on around the board involving Ick and Snails,that I'd love for you to set us straight on.I still consider myself somewhat a Newbie on Snails & their diseases.Anyway, I saw two different threads on the Applesnail forum that said,"Snails DON'T get Ick,and that Snails are NOT a host for them. Now is this a fact,are snails not able to contract Ick,or carry cyst/tomites to another party? Your expertise will be greatly appreciated on this matter.
  24. All my dojo's are fine with my goldies.Moor's don't have the best eyesight,so that gives the Dojo's an even greater chance at the food too! Dojo's actually love having a buddy to hang out with,by the way.
  25. Oh thanks! I think so! Back then,there were a few different member's who received babies from Orandaman-from all over the country.(He was from Ca. I can't remember who they were,but I would love to see how their babies are growing too. I think I got those guys when they were 12 weeks old? Were still tiny little Brown things.
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