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  1. We talk of them often,and it didn't dawn on me until recently that noone's ever done it in a tip of the month. Having these things in an emergency situation can save a goldfish for sure.Here are some of the things in my kit. Dev's Emergency Kit ******************* *Test Strips--I use mainly the drop test kits,but I always keep these on hand for quick readings *Salt- one of the safest and "Must Have's" in your Home *Epsom Salt--good when treating for Dropsy *Medicated food-I use Medi-Gold from Goldfish Connection---One "must have" product for sure.Good for treating new fish and sick fish *Maracyn,and Maracyn II-These cover both Gram Negative & Gram Positive Bacteria,and a good all around Med *Hydrogen Peroxide/Neosporin-Good for swabbing Ulcer's,injuries Tweezer's(Anything from picking off lice-to Rock's stuck in goldfish mouth) *Jungle Fungus Eliminator--------- Jungle Parasite Clear------------- These cover Fungus/Columnaris/Parasites/Bacterial,etc. *Prazi--More fish than you realize come with flukes.All new fish of mine get treated and put in Quarrantine with this and salt. *Carbon-good for taking meds out of water Cure Ick/Rid Ick for fish that can't take salt *Q-Tips---Cotton pads These are my basic's. I have other things in there also,but these seem to be the most used things. I try not to keep too many meds because of expirations and such,and I usually stick to the main meds that I know usually work. Along with this,I have another part of my emergency kit that includes *Extra heater's *Impeller's for a couple different sizes of filter's(Learned that the hard way) *Extra airstones & Bubble Wands to use when treating with Meds Aquarium Sealant (Everyone should keep it around) *PP-Pottassium Permanganate (PP) Use: PP is affective against most pathogenic bacteria, flukes, columnaris, bacterial gill disease, fungus, most bacteria on body and fins. PP is also great for disinfecting plants/Tanks & equipment. *An extra Power Strip *A Breeder's net,and a plastic floating basket to seperate a fish if injured or floating into the filter's * Filter media/Bio balls,etc -in case I need to start up a new tank I'm probably forgetting a few things here,but these are good basic's that have saved me a few times-for sure!! Fish
  2. I don't know about you guys,but I use Breeder's Nets alot. I've used them for the obvious-(babies),but I've also used them for fish that may have injured theirself,Grow-out Fish,Temp holding area's for Betta's,and even keeping Duckweed in the tank so my filter's wouldn't get clogged. What I found out was that when using these Breeder's Nets often,they tend to either rip at the top or just eventually fall apart pretty quick.You don't see replacement Nets,so I'd often find myself just buying a whole new Set-up. A couple weeks ago I had some cory eggs and was searching frantically for a Breeder's Net,and when I finally found it,there were holes in it.Knowing that I had to get these eggs out of the tank quickly,I came up with Panty Hose!!!! Yep!!! Just cut a piece off up around the thigh area-slide it up and around the Net box,and then tie a knot underneath the the box to secure.It stretches up around the fittings real easy and stays snug,and when you're done,you can rinse it well,or just pitch it out. It doesn't get any easier or cheaper than that. I have tons of Pantyhose that I've put a snag or two in-some I'm good for quite a while.
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