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  1. Congrats on the super looking tank,and it looks great with the plants btw. The goldies will love them. Bare bottom is alot easier to clean for sure ,so that part you'll love. Good luck and take lots of pics as they grow.
  2. Devs

    New Betta

    Congrats on adopting Kuno.He sounds beautiful for sure.
  3. Hey Selena,congrats on your snail.He's a real pretty yellow/gold. I too have kept snails for years,and to be honest,I try like heck not to add them to the Goldie tanks if I can help it. The goldfish will check them out occasionally,but usually if they're bigger than their mouth,most times they will eventually leave them alone. My biggest problem in goldy tanks was the fact that its very hard to keep them well fed with piggy goldfish around,and the fact that I have super strong filters was another problem for the smaller snails,no matter what I tried.If you dont mind isolating to feed,then I'm sure that he'll do okay in there with his fishy buddies. After I lost Chewy,I just started keeping only the Spixies,which don't get near as big as the other types I kept. They are actually in goldy tanks right now,and doing pretty well,as the fish are all pretty small.Good luck and keep us updated.
  4. That's a pretty big wound to appear overnight,with nothing really in the tank to injure itself on.No way another fish may have been attacking it? Personally with looking at the pics,I myself would isolate it and treat with an Antibacterial med.I don't know if the Melafix would be enough for that size of open wound. If you decide to treat the whole tank,you'll have to be careful with what you use with the Loaches htat are in there. BTW,how big are the Loaches?
  5. Well I guess the mystery will continue(I hate not knowing) , but I'm glad that all seems to be going in a good place for Leng Yu. Keep up the good care.
  6. Hi Donya.I was so happy to see that you haven't given up on goldfish after all . Losing them is such a huge blow,but there's just something about them that's worth trying again. I did have to laugh when I spotted the Insularums-little monster sizes allready!You always did seem partial to the "Big Boys" ,and you've sure had some huge ones:D I always wanted one but never did get one. My biggest was Chewy,a pretty large Canna,and when she passed,I pretty much gave up on snails except for the Spixies.It's amazing what a snail can mean to you. As for your tub set up,I think it's just fine.People go all out to make their tanks "show pieces",when it's really all about water params,filtration ,and actual room for their fish to swim. I have a few tubs like your set up,and I love them.The fish are a little freaked at first,but it's amazing how fast they adapt and become cool with it. I keep a tub right near the computer,and have a Red Cap Oranda in there.This guy sees me walk in,and actually sticks his head out of the water to see if I'm carrying food! Good luck and keep us posted on the updates.
  7. Imo.Just spotted this!What a pair of beauties they are.They are growing so fast to me.I love the colors,and can't wait for more updates.
  8. How long have you had these fish?What are their normal feeding habits-once a day,twice a day?What do you normally feed them? Are they showing any other signs of problems-redness on belly or fins,frayed fins,gasping at top,etc?
  9. They always say that a snail needs at least 2.5 gallons each,and that depends really on the type of snail you get.Brigs/Mystery snails tend to get about the size of a quarter,where Canna's,Haustrums,etc,get between baseball /softball size,so you have to consider that when picking fish and the size of your tank. A big enough tank and alot of filtration is a must along with perfect water params. As Selena mentioned,these snails are not really the best for keeping your tank cleaner.They have a lot more requirements then most people realize,including a lot of fresh vegetables needed on a daily basis,calcium supplements,etc.They really only eat algae as a last resort,when they can find no other food alternative. You would be shocked when owning a few of them to see just how much waste they can produce. When I kept snail tanks,all I did was syphon poo.
  10. With my own experiences,and I've gone through thousands of snails,The only time that I've ever seen a snail do anything to a fish is if a fish is sick and not moving,or it's actually dead.A fish's first instinct is to swim off as soon as something approaches/touches their body,no matter if they're in sleeping position or not.Now you know to "never say never" because anything could be possible,but my instincts would look else where. What size is your tank,any ornaments,etc,that could have possibly caused injury?
  11. I have been known to own quite a few of these guys,as all my Bristles tend to really enjoy making babies. In fact,I have tanks now that only contain/house Bristles because of that. With mine,I've seen them do that alot.I've also seen them hanging out on floating plants at the top of the aquarium-almost to a point where they're half way out of the water. I think my favorite though,is when I go to clean out the filters,and find 20 or so up in there. They enjoy a lot of fast moving water/aeration,so I think it has alot to do with it. My Common Bristles are known for occasionally doing that,along with alot of my Cory cats-especially when I do a big water change.These guys really seem to enjoy that on occasion.I have more than enough filtration,and water params are always kept spot on, so I haven't really ever considered this behavior to be a problem. Just make sure that your filtration is in tact,along with your water params to rule out any problems with those. As for keeping them with Loaches,I also own quite a few of them,and recently added one of the bigger male Bristles in with them,because he was picking on the smaller male Bristles.Loaches are like small children,always trying to cause some mischief,so at first they seemed to harass the Bristle.As he adjusted though,he's learned to keep them on their toes,and has actually gotten a little bossy with them at feeding time. Loaches and Bristles happen to be some of my favorite fish,so I hope you continue with great luck with them.They are so funny to watch!
  12. It's always a pleasure looking at your fishy pics Fred,as you always have such a lovely group of fish.I have a few favorites out of them.
  13. Hi there and welcome.Pixie's right on the money here,as there are a number of factor's that could be the culprit,from a new tank cycling/to over feeding/ to not enough water changing or gravel vacs/ to even the fertilizer itself,etc.......I know....no help at all here until we really do learn more.Post soon! How's the tank looking today?
  14. The wound needs to be dealt with asap.Although the 10 gallon may be small,it's a good idea to isolate him(her),that way,you're more able to control the water params ,(as Pristene water is a MUST)and treat accordingly with proper meds. For something that serious,I'd be inclined to go with the Vet-given shots,but I know that they're not always the easiest to obtain,especially if you don't know a Vet that cares for fish.Personally,if you can't do that,the first thing that I'd do is order The Goldfish's Connection Medi-gold.It has several antibiotics in it,one being a Sulfa drug,which will hopefully inhibit the growth of anymore bacteria while the rest of the meds fight what the fish all ready has.and it's also the next best way to get the meds into your fish as quickly as possible. Medi-Gold is a good product to use against aeromonas infections (often the cause of ulcers) and it should work well against the other common bacterial illnesses as well. As a back up,you can also add a general full spectrum antibiotic to the water,but do realize that they generally will not help near as much as the medicated food would because waterborn meds aren't readily absorbed as well. I have to also mention,that you do have your tank all ready maxed out with no growing room to spare for your fish.With this being the case,it really means that you'll have to do twice the work to keep this tank from becoming a continuous on going problem for you. As mentioned,Test Strips are a good for an idea of where your tank is,but always assume that those numbers are much worse than what it actually says,because they always are.My best advice would be to invest in a Drop Test Kit like the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Master kit,and to up the amount being changed in your tanks.On a cycled tank,there should be no ammonia,no nitrites, and any reading no matter how low,is not a good thing. If water out of the tap reads 0 on these,then you definitely know that you may not be changing out enough water. Nitrates should remain under forty,ideally under twenty if possible. On a maxed out tank,Nitrates are one of those things that can skyrocket overnight and cause a lot of fishy illness also,so it really is wise to keep an eye on those too.. You were missing one of those numbers,so I'm not sure if your test was showing,Nitrites,or Nitrates.Maybe recheck for me,just for my peace of mind. I wish you good luck on treating your fish,what a pretty thing by the way. Please keep us posted on the progress.
  15. Hey Lis,I'm so very sorry to hear of Ghostie's passing. Please don't feel bad though hun,as it was a judgement call ,that I would have probably did the same way. Humans have a selfish way of never wanting to give up on the things,people,animals, that we seem to need in our every day lives. often times,we hold on,to our pets,knowing that it's only a matter of time before it happens,because of our needs.By making that call,you were very unselfish,and you gave Ghostie the chance to end it peacefully ,without extended pain and suffering,and for that ,I give you some shared tears and a big ole' hug,as you were very brave. Don't dwell on it though as it only makes it harder(I am the worst for that) Remember all her happy moments,and how pretty she was.
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