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    Gill, he is my #1 little guy! I've had him for 7 years now, we have been through some rough times together, but he is so strong and always comes through! I love him so much, he's the little (actually, he's huge) orange fella who adds some color & happiness to my days, I dont know what I would do without him!
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  1. well, he is still hanging in there. he bottom sits alot. one of his eyes is back to normal, the other one is still sunken. the black on him had gone away but it is back and blacker than ever now. but he is still eating so thats good!
  2. Yes! he is doing a ton better! He still sits in the corner sometime, well, alot of time, but not on the bottom, just kinda floating in the bottom corner only his tail touching the floor. he swims alot more, and the black marks are FINALLY starting to go away! I took out the divider yesterday for a while, and he and shubunkin were by eachother the whole time, but then shubunkin starting being his jerk self and pushing gill around, so i separated them again. His eyes still are sunkin in though, that hasnt changed.
  3. Most definately! I hate seeing him sick I'm so happy he is doing so much better!!
  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate it! So does Gill! He is looking even better today. When I came home from work, he was swimming around searching for food!
  5. Just an update, Gill's belly is all better except a little black, but no more red! he still has the other black marks though. But he is swimming alot more, and sitting alot less! His eyes are still sunken or his face is still swollen...whatever the deal is there. But over all, he is doing better!
  6. Thank you! I am feeling the same about the meds as well, its just the swelling and the black that has me worried.the reason i am mainly so worried about the black is that it is not going away and i've never seen that happen before. he is such an old little guy, I really dont know what I would do without him. I think I will take the tank divider down for a little while as he is dying to get over to swim by his friend. i guess a little exercise and company wouldnt hurt him! I will put it back up at night, as i think that is when shubunkin ate his tail before.
  7. oh, and also, he is doing very well today the red is all gone!!!!!!! he is swimming a it more, but still bottom sitting. the black is still there, and seems to be getting worse. but he still loves to eat! what medication would you suggest if any?
  8. well, the kh took 3 drops to turn colors, so that says it is 53.7ppm. now, the gh...well thats a good question. the test water is supposed to turn orange after the first drop, and of course it turned a pale yellowish color. then after each drop just got darker. it never turned green which is supposed to be the end point. even after 40 drops. i repeated both tests multiple times. got the same for the kh each time. so either the gh is off the charts, or the test is very inaccurate. i do have calcium deposits all over the place on the lids to my tank though, and we do have hard water here...i just dont know how hard.
  9. No worries, I havent stopped the metromeds, i just fed 1 pea one time to help him poo. I will still continue the metromeds. This morning, his belly is almost 100% free of the red!! yay!! he is still bottom sitting though. Trinket, is it possible that the epsom salt could irritate him at all? from what happened, it seemed that as soon as i upped the salt to 1/2tsp per 5 gallon, the red appeared the very next day. then soon as i changed half of the water, it started going away. is there maybe anything else that I could try to reduce his swelling? Also, any thoughts on what is causing the black marks? they are all still there and just as dark as ever with no signs of going away.
  10. just a few days on the med food. he had been on it for a month previously due to beginning dropsy sypmptoms. then i had him off them for a week or two when this started. so i put him back on sometime after i started this thread. so not long.
  11. This is it now: much better than yesterday! (so much improvement! i'm thinking that maybe the melafix actually did help? i dunno, but i added another dose today when i got home from work, and from then till now, it has gotten alot better!) -however, his other symptoms are still bad. one thing that is worrysome to me is his eyes. why would they sink in like they have? you can kind of see it in this picture: (sorry about the algae on the tank, it wont come off)
  12. well, i cant get a good pic, but the red is now WAY better than it was yesterday. its even better than it was just 5 hours ago!
  13. I just read through this topic & i wanted to say i am so glad your little guy is OK!!!
  14. ok, i thought she meant the peroxide, but i wasnt sure. the "bubble" is acutally a tumor, which isnt the issue directly at hand. Gill has had a few tumors for many years now, it isnt an open wound or anything like that, just a growth from within. it started turning black about 6 months after it started to form (it started in october 2005). -triknet & i have worked on the tumors alot, but thats a different story, they havent had any "negative" health effects on him thus far...so after years of trying many treatments, we have concluded that they are just tumors that some fish get. the tumor on the head is the main one which has always been black... the black on the back of his tail and other places on him is the new blackness that have just formed. I dont want to use HP on the belly though. -Looking at it just now, the redness has gone away a tiny bit, so this is good news. its still bad, but better than yesterday. could the epsom salt be irritating him that badly? or could it be from sitting on the bottom? (i have a bare bottom tank) if the salt could be hurting him, should i do another water change today to remove the rest of it? -also...is it OK to give him a pea now and then to help him poop even though he is eating the metro meds? if i dont give him the pea, he doesnt poo properly. I dont want to negate the effects of the metromeds, but I also dont want to constipate him.
  15. say what now? no aquarium salt in there now, just epsom. i removed the aq salt before adding epsom. i have like a billion things on hand except Maracyn, which is probably what i will need. waiting for trinket on what meds if any to try. I've added some melafix to hopefully help with the belly wound issues. i have no clue what the black is from, as any time i have ever had a black mark on my fish, it disappeared within a few days, but this is different, there are more and they are getting blacker as the days go on. I feel so helpless. I dont think i could bear it if he doesnt make it he's my little buddy...the little orange fella that's been adding happiness to my days for the past 7 years...this is awful
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