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    Gill, he is my #1 little guy! I've had him for 7 years now, we have been through some rough times together, but he is so strong and always comes through! I love him so much, he's the little (actually, he's huge) orange fella who adds some color & happiness to my days, I dont know what I would do without him!
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  1. a bunch of the tiger barbs have been doing the mating dance! I'm guessin tho with the pleco that i will see no babies....
  2. Yup, i only got 3 silver dollars because thats all i could afford but i'd like to get more, they are so cool. I really like the barbs too. i think its the schooling. i may pick up some more of each! however, this is not easy on the ol pocket book, thats for sure!
  3. Well, I got the tank moved from my old room in my parents house into my living room at my house. It is full and filter is up and running. Seeded with media from my pleco's tank. I'm on my way to town now to pick up gravel & bubble walls and decorations. Mr. Freddie pleco will be in there tonight and out of his tiny 10 gallon prison!
  4. sounds good. my pleco is pretty big. i've actually had him for 5 years now. I had him in with my goldies, but as they got older and sick and began bottom sitting, he started eating their tails, so he is currently in a 10 gal tank that he has been in for at least 2 years. it is too small for him, which is why i want to put him in the 55 gal.
  5. well, i dont really have a preference. except that i dont want fish that need live food. haha -i do have a chocolate albino pleco that I will be putting in the tank, so whatever would be compatable with him. i'm also looking for fish that dont require quite as much work as goldies. I'd like to have alot of fish that swim at each water level, but i'm just not sure which those would be and which are compatable with eachother. I do like the silver dollar fish, is that what they are..or hatchet fish? not sure, but i've seen them and they are cute, i like angelfish too.
  6. Well, after 9 years, my beloved goldie Gill has passed away I'd like to thank everyone here who has helped me over the years with my goldies! Since my Gill has gone, I have decided that I will not have any more gold fish, so I would like to start a tropical tank. It is 55 gallons, i have a ton of filtration...so now I would like some suggestions on what type of tropicals and how many of each I should put in there?
  7. cool, I am still working out where to put it and whatnot. Thanks for the help!!
  8. I have some extra space in my new house, and I'm thinking about using one of my extra tanks for tropicals. The only problem is that i have 5gallon tanks and a 10 gallon tank. I know these are very small tanks, but is there any tropicals that would be suitable for a 5 or 10 gal tank? (I used to have beta's for years in the 5 gal's, but I'm not looking for another betta right now.) I appreciate the input
  9. well, he is still hanging in there. he bottom sits alot. one of his eyes is back to normal, the other one is still sunken. the black on him had gone away but it is back and blacker than ever now. but he is still eating so thats good!
  10. Yes! he is doing a ton better! He still sits in the corner sometime, well, alot of time, but not on the bottom, just kinda floating in the bottom corner only his tail touching the floor. he swims alot more, and the black marks are FINALLY starting to go away! I took out the divider yesterday for a while, and he and shubunkin were by eachother the whole time, but then shubunkin starting being his jerk self and pushing gill around, so i separated them again. His eyes still are sunkin in though, that hasnt changed.
  11. Most definately! I hate seeing him sick I'm so happy he is doing so much better!!
  12. Thanks guys, I appreciate it! So does Gill! He is looking even better today. When I came home from work, he was swimming around searching for food!
  13. Just an update, Gill's belly is all better except a little black, but no more red! he still has the other black marks though. But he is swimming alot more, and sitting alot less! His eyes are still sunken or his face is still swollen...whatever the deal is there. But over all, he is doing better!
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