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  1. Hi guys! I'm really hoping you can help me find a new home for my 5 year old fancy goldfish, Moomin, and my 5 cory catfish. They are currently in a 2-foot fully equipped tank. They are happy to stay in the tank, or separate. Please get in touch if you're interested in adopting any of the fish and can provide a loving and responsible home. I am in Bath, UK. I don't drive but I could hopefully arrange to have someone bring me and the fish, aquarium to you if you are in the Bath/Bristol area. There is a bit more info in my 'About Me' Thanks for reading!
  2. Bettas and peas - I will remember this one! I think my goldies will love 'em soon too!
  3. LOL - it looks a lot like a pea to me! (I had peas on the brain though, admittedly hehe) That is so cool you have a betta, I've always wanted one - my boyfriend and I are moving in a month's time and so finally I think I might just have the space for one! *hops around* Is there a pic of your betta on Koko's somewhere?
  4. Kim


    Hey, 'abnormal' in a cool way I bet Can't wait to see pics!!
  5. hee hee! It took a whole hour, but at last every half-pea is gone, and every fish is happy and fed
  6. I've decided to start fasting my goldies every Saturday and feeding them peas every Sunday << silly pea doesn't realise what he's agreeing to lol 2 of them figured it out quite quickly. One other accidentally ate one off the floor, but didn't realise there were any other peas there. The other 2 still haven't clocked it. I've got an aquarium floor covered with peas I've got 5 goldies, so I put in 20 peas. I hope that sounds about right. They're between 3-6 years old and so are pretty big fishies.
  7. And for you guys in Hertfordshire, a new Maidenhead Aquatics has just opened up on North Orbital Road in St Albans. That is the full address but their number is: 01727 825 815 if you need directions.
  8. Aw, they are so cute. The look a bit like my common, Beaker, although he's getting to be quite a big boy now. I'd like to have a pond one day. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  9. Oh, I just thought of something. Do you think it's ok to treat with 'Anti-Fungus & Finrot' and 'Melafix' at the same time? I did it initially when Elvis was so bad because I was in a panic. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to do that again or not though. My fish all seem to really respond to Melafix but I wouldn't want to cause a reaction between the two medicines or anything like that. At the moment, I'm just treating with the 'Anti-Fungus & Finrot'.
  10. Thank you for your support and suggestions guys I'm sorry I didn't post the parameters, I didn't think it was relevant at the time, but I realise that of course it was. I'm also sorry I didn't get back to you but we had problems with our router so it was impossible to get online, plus I couldn't get to the library to use the computers there because I'm a carer - have my own health problems to boot! But the good news is that Elvis is fine! - with the water change and anti-fungus/finrot treatment, Elvis' tail was not bloody anymore after 2 days, and he was back to his normal self. I'm still continuing to treat the tank though, just in case. Thanks for the info on the food blocks, I'll never EVER use one again. I'll either use a timed feeder or nothing. I have no plans on going away in the near future though so at least I can keep a close eye on Elvis. (Looking at those pictures of his tail again are shocking, he looks much better now!)
  11. Poor Elvis. I wonder what happened to his regal tail? I went away for 4 nights (leaving a 2-week feeding block in the tank) and I came back and half his tail is missing. It's a bit bloody and my common goldfish Beaker keeps trying to take little nibbles of it. At first I thought Beaker savaged Elvis, but then I thought it could be finrot and so I put in some Anti-Fungus and Finrot treatment. Here are a couple of pictures. Poor poor Elvis. Luckily he is acting fine even though about 4 square inches of tail is missing. Please tell me if this looks like finrot or cannibalism. I should add that the 3 other fish in the tank are just fine. Also, I left them for 5 nights last month (also with a 2-week feeding block) and came back and everything was fine. EDIT: Also I should mention that Elvis's other fins are normal, it's just both sides of his tail that are affected.
  12. I got my first two, Goldie and Tricky, over 5 years ago when they were about 2 inches long. And Elvis the Amazing Veiltail is over 4 years old now.
  13. That's the coolest thing I've seen in awhile!
  14. Hi! I'm sorry, I never saw this post! Hertfordshire Fisheries near the Noke Hotel on North Orbital Road, St Albans AL2 2DS Tel: 01727 833960 I was just there again last week, I love that place *sigh*
  15. I'd like to order a lighting unit online for a 48" hood but I don't know whether to go for a 42" one or a 48" one? Would a 48" one fit? Which size would you go for if they would both fit? Cheers
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