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  1. Cool, also i heard from some one that they are pricey, but there at that pet shop there only 12 bucks.. That's not bad but ya i see they need alot of care.
  2. Wow thx for that info. I see them at the pet shop now and well i just wanted to know more about them.
  3. Can some one tell me if mudskippers are saltwater or freshwater?
  4. I dont' know what kind it is, all i know is it's a freshwater brown/yellow pipefish, i have another post with a pic of him.
  5. PH: 7.2 Ammonia: 0 Nitrate: 10-20 it's hard to tell Nitrite: 0 PH of tap water: 6.9 I just need to know if this is good for my pipefish. She/He is eatting baby brineshrimp and is in a 5 gallon tank right now.
  6. Thx, well ya i know it's a pipefish.
  7. I got a pic of him/her Hope this helps
  8. Hmmm, well he's yellow/brown colored, maybe about 5 or so inches right now. My friend told me it's freshwater but she had no clue what kind it is. I asked her where she got it, she told me out of state when she was on a trip. I got brine shrimp all ready so that will be fine. I did breed bettas before so i have lots of brine shrimp eggs i can hatch. hmm Well if u have any care sheets i can look at that will help to. I'll try to get some pics up VERY soon.
  9. Hi i just got a new brown colored pipefish, it's my first one ever. I have seen them but never had one before. A friend gave me the fish as a gift. I need some help can u guys help me out and tell me: What they eat? Are they salt or fresh water? Can it go in a 5 gallon tank with a betta? What does the water temp need to be? Thx so much, i know i sound dum asking all this but i just need to know so i know what to do, and if you have any good care sheets i would love to have one. The fish was a gift i did not know i was getting it.
  10. Thank you, i will take good care of them till they get to there new pond, they will love it, i seen the pond, The turtle in it is small but will eat small fish, but wont bug the bigger koi that are in there with it, so that's why my friend wants them begger than what they are now.
  11. Ok, my dad got me 2 little koi today, it was a gift to me.... I don't have a pond but have a 55 gallon out door tank, It's on the screen porch. The 2 koi are in it. I know they will out grow it, by than i will have them at a new house with a pond, my friend has a pond but she wont take the little koi right now, she says her turtle will eat them. She can take the koi when the reach about 6 to 7 inch of what she said. So i guess im stuck with the cute things for now.. I took a pic i would like to show you all. I have food and every thing else i need to keep them healthy for now.
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