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  1. k i found a filter for the tank its not a big one its small it working good to. Not sure of what type it is. I'll keep that running for now own in the tank. He's seems to eat and swim good nothing is changing with him... its just that area on top of him. it kinda turned a little green i think.. unless my eyes are playing tricks on me.
  2. i been over there to wallyworld here they dont really have a fish part in there store.... there is one but its not to much, they have fish tanks and tubes, and some rocks, and foods but not much on meds. I will be able to go tomorrow to wallyworld i cant get there today, but i'll look and see if they have any. k, i'll get a filter for the tank.. I might have one around here some where in a box.
  3. no its not filtered, i clean it out at least once a week. I do put stress coat in the tank. I do have aquarium salt how much should i put in? and right now i have no Melafix and the shops around here have none... even the nnnn here dont got none... i asked when they are going to get more in, they dont know.... I Hope soon.
  4. k well the heater is out of the tank, im not sure what to put into the water to heal it up. it looks like it spreding a little more on him and last night there were 2 very small white things haning out of the spot... there gone now i have no clue what that was it did not look like worms really... oh its a tank, its a 10 gallon tank. I had a heater cause it was very cold here a few months ago i just never took it out.
  5. he has a heater on the back of the tank. thats it. i dont even know why its in there i need to take it out. i dont know if he hurt him self on it or not.... i was treating it as fungis i have stuff for that. i guess i need to try something else now.
  6. there is only one spot, i see what your seeing its on the tank or something. I circle the spot thats on the fish Here is 2 more pics, i can't get a good pic with this cam its so blury ..... I also noticed its like a tiny bit on the left side of the fin as well but not much. oh in that last pic thats not a white spot on his head thats just the light.
  7. ya it looks like there some scals missing. not many just a few. But some times i'll see like this small white thing sticking out than when i come back latter its gone. :\ I'll try to get a better pic.
  8. Kagome100

    Spot On Betta

    My red male crown tail has a strange white spot forming under his top fin on his Right side. It looks like he's missing a few small scals there as well. Its strange it just started forming. He is not with any other fish. It does not look like funges at all. you can kinda see it in this pic
  9. You know that sounds like what my goldfish did some, i mean she did not move but a little she stayed at the bottom, she did not eat, and ya she did have SBD but she died today so im sorry if yours goes it's hard to lose one.
  10. I guess i was to late i just went to see how she was and found her dead, she must of died withen 5 mins now.... RIP girl... her name was goldy she was a sweet thing.... I just wish i could of saved her.. Maybe that SBD got to her.
  11. I guess i can try that, i tired the pea thing on her a year ago when she got this SBD but it did not help on the SBD but i guess i can try peas again, so i need to try and hand feed her?
  12. ok Ammonia Level? 0 Nitrite Level? 0 Nitrate level? 4.0 Ph Level? 7.0 Ph Level out of the Tap? 6.8-7.0 Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 10gallon, Been running for 3 years What is the name and size of the filter/s? 1 filter, dont know the name of it, i had it long time How often do you change the water and how much? every week, just cleaned it yeasterday some to help her out. How many fish in the tank and their size? 1 3inch Any medications added to the tank? nope Add any new fish to the tank? nope What do you feed your fish? Wardley Goldfish Flakes Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? mmm nope dont see none Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect..? she has SBD and amost always is on her back but for the past 3 days she has stayed at the bottom near the filter. She wont eat.
  13. My gold fish is about 3 years old, she has SBD so she is amost all the time upside down. She swims like this alot, she can swim right some of the time, well 3 days ago she stopped eatting or going up to the serfes to even eat, she dont even turn over no more she just swims on her back at the bottom of the tank. I took her out to put her in something more wide but short in how tall it was, and try feeding her, she would not eat, im not sure what to do now... can any one help?
  14. Thanks, well i was just thinking of breeding im not sure yet. I have a cute little aqua female vailtail and a cute red/blue male crowntail. I have bred vailtails before, i was just thinking of mixing that's all but thanks.
  15. Can i breed a crown tail with a vail tail? i have bred betta's before just not mixed ones.
  16. Well i just cycled the take 2 days ago. He ate last night but you know i did notice him being a little slow last night, maybe he was all ready old when i got him. I don't know. The person that gave it to me did not know much at all about it.
  17. hmmm, well she said she does a water change every few days, and ya it's the only mudskipper in the tank. and little change subject here: i know i might need to just make a new thred but i just wanted to ask something about my pipe fish, he this morning is not doing good, he was fine the past months, he was eatting swimming and doing fine, till this morning, he is upside down but breathing... i dont' now what happen, maybe to much food?
  18. Ok well if any one remembers i posted before about my friend getting a mudskipper because she thought it was cool looking. Well it has been doing fine for the past weeks she has had it, it been eatting, and swimming and jummping. She keeps the tank clean and all but for the past week she told me it's been acting funny, like some times when it jumps into the water to swim away it start to shake some and roll on it's side and shake more for a few secs than it gets up and just sits steel for a while, and she tells me when he's just sitting around some times he moves his tail alot like a flinching way, i went over there the other day to take a look and yep she was right about what she told me, it's strange, i dont' know my self what's going on so i hope some one on here can help out some.
  19. Yes it's in a shade. and thx.
  20. Is it ok for my koi out side to have water going up to 90F? We are having a heat wave this year really bad and the water out side where the koi is is going up to 90F. I dont' know if this is a good thing for him.
  21. Well I told her, and she said she will save up, she is only 15 years old so she dont' have a job yet. She does things for her parents so maybe she can get some money from them.
  22. Yes i did, it's my fave anime. ok back on topic: She told me she could not get a bigger tank for some time. I dont' know why she got the mudskipper she just wanted it. They told her at the pet shop it would be fine in the 10gallon, guess she needs to stop doing what the pet shop people say. She don't have a computer so she can't get on here.
  23. My friend got a mudskipper today yep, she got it from the pet shop i saw them at. It looks so cute. She has it in a 10 gallon tank right now with half land and half water. It's only about 2 inches long right now.
  24. He's doing good, im feeding baby birne shrimp to him every day and he eats them. He is doing very good in his tank.
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