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  1. Hi guys Few days ago i bought a pearlscale goldfish which seemed totally healthy and fine. Ate food well and everything was ok. after 1-2 days some small red spots appeared on his skin and i tought it could be a kind of invasion by other fishes since it seemed really like being nipped. they the red marks started to develop within 1-2 next days and then small blister or bubble like lesions appeared on his body and now all the scales seem inflated and the fish does not eat well as before. now i am think of it may be a kind of parasite or bacterial infection since the other goldfish in the shop has also now developed these blister like lesions. i havr started metronodazole treatment with a dosis of 20mg/gallon and the red marks are now less but the bubbles are growing and still the fish does not eat well. is there any adivce you can give me please???? does any body have experienced such a thing before?
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