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  1. @mjfromga hi and thanks for having a look. i took a quick shot of her in her isolation subtank, as you can see, a bit more blotted on the side with ulcer. I have noticed that her veins are more pronounced under her skin than in the past. She is eating but not active. I disinfected the ulcer, gently patted it dry and applied a local antibiotic ointment (suggested by local aquarium shop via instagram) Temp is 70° F or 21°C ph = 7.8 Ammonia level is 0.006 ppm - not toxic. Just had a nice rain dropping about 3/4 inch of rain in the pond and adding O2. All the 21 other fish are well. There was reproductive play going on, the eggs are eaten fast tho. (FYI, its summer her in Brazil) thank you so much for your feedback to help my debutant kinguio goldfish skills. Will
  2. hello All My first health issue with one of my fish. It has always been a quiet fish mostly active at night. They live in shallow pool and I just noticed this nasty hole just behind the gill. The other gill looks fine and all the other fish look fine too. I don't see any mucus or other signs that this could be fluke or ich or I don't know what. It looks a little to severe to be a rock scrap gone wry. If anyone has any suggestions how to treat this , many thanks ahead of time Will
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