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  1. @Arctic Mama I hope you are enjoying your holiday. If warmer is better, then I can set my temps at 30C?
  2. Hi All and Merry Christmas!, My friend just bought me some goldfish for Christmas but they have anchor worms. I have access to some Trichlorfon (Neguvon) but am not sure know how to use it. I did some readings online and it is recommended to treat 3 times, 1 week apart for each treatment. However, I do wonder about what temperature my aquarium should be at because I understand parasites mature faster in higher temperature. It helps that I have a heater. So what temperature do I set it at? like 28C? Also, I live in a tropical country, temps are usually 26-29C. Other Water Params Ph 8.1, Kh 4, Gh 4. or should I alter the treatment frequency? Thanks and Happy holidays! -Harry
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