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  1. Well I moved Lily to a 20 gallon tub in the bathroom and treated with the nitrofurate for 5 days. And then because her nose was still flaky i did methelyne blue in tub treatment for 5 days. Of course i couldn’t really see her but she was swimming more so i decided to move her back to her tank but she looks worse. Mouth is still flakey and I’m not sure if its red from her trashing during the move or still just red. I suspect still just red. And i don’t know if the black places are from the dye or a new problem. I am heartbroken.
  2. @Arctic Mama ok I changed her water and dosed her about 10 min ago but I kinda feel like she’s gasping now. She would try to go up and then drop and do wide mouth opening. I removed her to a bucket until I hear from you
  3. @Arctic Mama Thank you. So dose the 10 gallon with both daily and do water change daily?
  4. So Lily went into 10 gallon hospital tank on 12-29 with a heater and air stone. The next day though I add a HOB 10 gallon filter. She is still eating and I alternate between shrimp pellets and goldfish bug bites. She swims around a bit interested in what we are going when we are at the counter but still lays on the bottom mostly. I have been. Checking ammonia and doing water changes between 1-2x a day. Her nose was fine but today I noticed it flakey and red again. She is trying to shake it off. Before the nose thing I was just going to continue without the nitrofurazone treatment but now I’m wondering if I should go ahead. @Arctic Mama what do you think? I’ve attached a new pic of her nose and the bottle directions of Nitrofurazone.
  5. Lily’s nose looked better on Friday at the end of the melafix treatment. At least it looked better. Maybe it hadn’t released the injured skin yet but now it’s flaking off and it causes her to go swimming crazy trying to shake it off and she hits things which has made her mouth look terrible again. My hesitation with moving her to a different container to treat is that we have cats and curious dogs. I’ll be thinking on where I could put it. @arcticmama, So you think the kanamycin would need to be done again too with the Furan 2
  6. Ok. Doing this should I still hold off on the furan 2 a few more days and see if she evens out? I just am so sad she has one good day every week and a half and then it’s back to the bottom. And her mouth looked all healed up Friday but is flaky again. But Thursday was the last day of the melafix so I feel like it healed but then whatever is going on just took over again.
  7. Well Lily was back down yesterday. She’s like a little car revving her engine when I get near the tank. She’s wags and tries to to get going but can’t. I think her mouth looks flakey again and she just took of swimming shaking her head like she’s trying to shake off the flake 😞 today numbers are pH-7.6 HpH- 7.4 NO2-0 NO3-5 but ammonia is .5 i looked online at aquarium store which opens at 1 they have this is it the same at Furan 2
  8. My oldest tank is 4 years old and has never had nitrates after it cycled. The 55 gallon tank does have a sponge HOB filter as well. The UGF was a mistake but I went with it with the purpose of doing a reverse flow after a bunch of research. But I met a man who had a man who had had a ton of luck running it regularly (as well as my dad back in the day when he had tanks). After I decided i didn’t like the noise with reverse flow I just let it run regularly. And for a year it did so beautifully. And I did have perfect numbers with no nitrates upon testing in mid October. But I missed my November testing and the air got super dry in our house and evaporated about 4 inches out of all of my tanks very quickly. It was very strange and after that nitrates in two tanks went up. The 15 gallon went up to about 80 and it has no UGF. It is the 4 year old tank. The 10 gallon which looked the worst (because it’s nerite snails finally died) has maintained normal pH, no nitrites, no ammonia and no nitrates. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s been a huge mystery. I really appreciate your help. I’ll keep you posted on how she does the next couple of days. Her face is all healed up and snd her belly had gotten red places on it from laying down and I noticed that’s gone too! 🤞
  9. Guess who is up swimming!!!! Yes I am very careful to shake the nitrate one. I kinda think that the new guy at the fish store didn’t do that.
  10. Thank you! Her nitrates had literally been zero until November. The UGF was great until it wasn’t. But I also feel like I jinxed myself by thinking aloud that with all of my tanks I’ve had no problems for the 4 years in the hobby. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I think they may have that med at the fish store. I didn’t remove her to another tub because moving her stressed her so much and she had the injury with the last move and several recommended just doing in tank and keeping an eye with testing. I don’t do lights ever really because they have always stressed her. This morning she has pooped and she’s hovering some. Her back end seems to float more than the front of course. I’m not worried about the nitrates at this point but I am worried about the ammonia.
  11. Photo journey Her mouth is better now. And she was doing what I call her “tail wagging” when I went to take the last pictures. Moving around a bit. I swear she does it in response to seeing me. I’m concerned im not seeing any sign of poo. Should I do the one last day of melafix (day 7) and then stop everything and just keep doing water changes as ammonia numbers dictate? When I do this should I replace the salt that would be taken out?
  12. Only thing in tank now is aquarium salt and the melafix (today was day six of it). She had 10 days of the kanamycin at the beginning of December. UGF was removed 1st of December and numbers returned to normal. Im assuming the antibiotics messed with the ammonia. I can’t figure out anything thing else. I tried other greens leaves but she doesn’t maneuver well and seems like she can’t see them or isn’t interested. Other than the aquarium salt none of the other treatments really overlapped. I left her for several days when she finished the kanamycin but her mouth injuries looked terrible and she was swimming erratically like she was tried to get it off her face. Someone suggested the melafix and it has healed her nose. It seems so strange that she got better of day three and four of Kanamycin but then went right back down. None of the parameters were really off and I was doing water changes accordingly as ammonia would creep up. when I went to take tonight’s picture she’s moving around a bit. It’s like she rocks back and forth to get going. And at times seems like she wants to move but just can’t maneuver and at times leans to the side. When I do a big water change she will swim tilted on the bottom.
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