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  1. I know this is an old post, but I raise comet gold fish and so I have had tons of times the fish had these symptoms...I use Seachem Kanaplex. I had one large fish that was not moving one fin and was so bloody in the fin and under his belly where the fin attached that the people told me at the store 'that's a dead fish'....I used the kanaplex, kept the tank covered and him calm...changed out the water daily and fed him regularly and he completely recovered. It has worked so many times...I have had some fish resistent to it and then switched to Erythromycin which worked. But I do get this quite often with fish I rescue too...it's always at the pec fins and around the gills...either in one or both pec fins. I see pictures of hemorreghic septicemia and its always throughout the fish...so I don't understand what this is that attacks just at the pec fins and underbelly...but I just know Kanaplex really does a good job healing. If it comes from the petstore sick like this, it doesn't work as well and I think that is because they overuse antibiotics due to crowd raising the fish and they develop a resistance to it (The bacteria) so you have to try other types of meds for bacterial infections. Just FYI!
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