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  1. Alright, I'm getting a clear picture now. Thanks a lot..and yes I do have access to Prime Water Conditioner.
  2. The tank holds 188 gallons of water. About the water chemistry, I was wondering if it would be necessary to add a pump system or filter because I'm in a tropical country, Indonesia to be precise and secondly I live in outskirts so its filled with greens everywhere. It rains a lot so the water is displaced quiet frequently. The geography brings me to another question. There are a lot of snails or many different sizes so will it be sensible to use them and there are many different plants in the damp area in the woods. I was able to figure out some are poisonous to the fish.
  3. Nope. I was confused from where to begin. I've never had a tank this big and open. There's nothing to the tank except what I've shown you in the photos. Okay they're being fed pellets. Are there any plants I can add? Is it sensible to add any other variety of fish?
  4. Hi guys, So basically my neighbours built this tank and added 8 comet goldfish and 4 others which I cannot figure out whatg exactly they are. The tank seems to be in a poor condition so I decided to post here for help. Please let me know what changes I gotta make and any plants you'd suggest or any cleaning team. Please take a look at the photos.
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