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  1. I came here hoping for advice. Flubendazole was mentioned. Fluke M has Flubendazole. I have Fluke M on the way and I hope it is effective. Regarding Prazi and Flubendazole, Dr. Erik Johnson has a very interesting article: https://drjohnson.com/praziquantel-doesnt-work-anymore-against-flukes/
  2. I did explain it was for gill flukes but that was ignored. Koi and gold fish are both carp and treatment should be similar. Looking for advice. From article: Table of Contents – Salt in Koi Pond Is Salt Good for a Koi Pond? Why Do We Use Salt? How Do You Use Salt for Koi? What Type of Salt for Koi Pond? How Much Salt Do I Use in Koi Pond? How Do I Check Salt Level in My Koi Pond? Will Adding Salt Kill Pond Plants? How Can I Measure Pond Volume Using Salt?
  3. From the article: 1. Use salt to take care of parasites and/or bacteria on a Koi’s body. Koi live in freshwater. So do parasites and bacteria. A koi pond salt treatment helps eliminate freshwater parasites and bacteria.
  4. Not suggesting heavy long term salt. Some suggesting minimal level. The big issue here is whether to do a heavier salt treatment for gill flukes, such as 0.3% to perhaps 0.6% salt for a period of time or do a 4th treatment of PraziPro. Or do both.
  5. Actually, koi ponders do use PraziPro. Mystic Koi is one of the best. Then there is Play it Koi, Hoshi Koi and many others. As for salt use, please see one of the best Koi breeders, Kodama Koi: https://www.kodamakoifarm.com/benefits-salt-koi-pond-why-should-use-it/?unapproved=499756&moderation-hash=533f3c3d635e8f12b00820fbe8d7f48b#comment-499756 Sorry, maybe koi ponders are different than goldfishers.
  6. That seems to be the consensus. Seems most pond suppliers also use solar salt. I just confirmed Diamond Crystals Solar Natural Salt Crystals from Home Depot are sodium chloride based (99.6% pure). Thank you!
  7. Following the directions of 1 ounce per 120 gallons. Are you saying some double that to 1 ounce per 60 gallons? Thanks!
  8. Wondering the recommended on-going level of salt for ponds. Some suggest 0.3% but I have heard 0.1% and 0.2%. Also wondering about the level of salt for treatment of gill flukes with PraziPro? I’ve heard to take it to 0.3% But I’ve also heard 0.6% without PraziPro for a limited time. My water is only heated to 60.3 degrees so fluke eggs keep hatching. 3 PraziPro treatments in 3 weeks. About to do a 4th. Concerned this won’t be enough given the cold temp. Thinking increasing salt level after PraziPro treatment. Thoughts. Thanks.
  9. Seems many feel solar salt without additives (99.6% pure) is just fine. But then I heard someone saying solar salt may remove magnesium and other beneficial elements. They felt buying the more expensive pond salt was important. Does anyone know the percent purity of pond salt? Is it 100% pure? 99.5% pure? And if not pure what is in the difference? I could not find a statement on any pond salt.
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