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  1. Also it is very strange to me ( novice here) but Attila will be laying on the bottom, at times tilted to his side a bit.. but the minute I put food ( blood worms) and he notices it, he is off to the races! Eats, darts around, etc. Then about an hour or so later I go back in and he is bottomed out again,
  2. So I have been tending to my sons sick goldfish for about 4 days or so.. rightfully named Attila because he is quite the fighter. Well he had Lice ( came that way it appears) prior to finding out I had done several water changes at varying percentages in a fight with nitrates ( learning process). On Monday I treated with Microbe/lift which is once a week for 3 weeks.. .. Attila was still not doing well and 3 days later had taken to sitting at the bottom of the tank for very long periods. I tested water and verified it was good, I figured he might be constipated so I switched food to frozen bloodworms and peas .. problem is the shop owner said one cube a day would suffice.. There is a heck of a lot of food in that one cube.. I think he thought my fish were bigger. So today I he seemed a bit worse and I became worried we would lose this battle..with all the that was not eaten from the cube I was certain the balance would shift soon and I decided to execute a pre emptive-strike and do an 80% change while also giving them a epsom salt bath, Well I checked all the boxes.. added everything back into the new water I was putting in ( aquarium salt as well) and put them back into the water.. they appear to have truly picked up.. Attila has been swimming and I dropped some peas in and was very eager to get ahold of a few. It's been about 2 hours and he is acting like a goldfish again and not a catfish.. my question ( finally) is should I start the medication over or just pick up where I left off and resume the 2nd dose on the original schedule.
  3. Well 75% water change, new treated water was hard, alkaline oh of about 7 and no nitrates... after newly filled tank sat for about 15 minutes it's still at caution to stressful on nitrates. Sigh..... I guess 100 % change is in order.
  4. You were spot on! I had them in a bowl of there own water while I did the 75% change lump was still there.. a small part of me wanted to pick at it.. bad habit. Well I switched them over to 50-50 old and new to transition them to the tank again.. the new water had salt, Tetra's aquasafe and easy balance.. something in that concoction it absolutely did not like because as soon as the fish hit the water the thing detaches and starts swimming around like a bat out of hades! Now I need to research this Anchor Worm.. not a stranger to parasites from dogs and cats to cattle an horses.. but this is virgin territory for me! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tJPIk5yfU5Q0SdU754BwW4o7nnSRWuq0/view?usp=sharing
  5. Also is I have salt for the aquarium.. added it initially when I set up. What is your recommended amount per gallon? I know what the bag states but I'd like to have your opinion.
  6. Thank you, it seems there is a lot of conflicting info out there , I've read 25% every two weeks or even a month. Maybe that's on larger tanks.. I am " cycling" a 40 gallon tank right now. Unfortunately I have had to learn on the fly but am getting things corrected. I will do as you have stated.. also you are right.. last night I snuck in and checked the water..nitrates were at the stressful level .. will be correcting that tonight. Its just the one plant .. not sharp.. and some fake rocks. The filter came with the tank so probably not great, I bought a used 40gal with a stand and an emperor 400 filter ( seems a bit much) for 50 bucks.. ( great deal.. tank is in great condition) I cleaned it thouroughly.. rinsed it several times.. let water water sit overnight.. emptied and rinsed some more.. I will treat and sdo a 75% water transfer tonight. Fyi a little embarrassing but it turns out that the white spots were smudges on the glass.. my boy lives these fish ... he doesn't tap on the glass but says he's giving them hugs by pressing his fingers on the glass lol.. unfortunately he's 8 and not great at washing his hands lol.
  7. I obtained these two goldfish for my son.. they are small and in a 10 gallon tank ( new) but am in process of setting up a 40 gallon .. I am more aware of what to do now then I was when I purchased these two .. it was a save the day move after my son won two at the church fair and his grandparents ( who were supposed to hold onto them) proceeded to put the bag o fish in the truck and left them there... I live in South Central Texas... that pretty much sums up what happened to those two.. My boy was heartbroken,, already gave them names an everything. So I did the typical dad thing and spent too much money on the wrong stuff to make him happy. Well I have heard clean every two weeks and I have heard once a month.. was planning on cleaning this week ( week 3) .. water is crystal clear.. aerator in pumping out bubbles like crazy.. pump is running well. ( a little too much current for their taste I think though.. work in progress) I noticed tonight there was a greyish lump on Attila's gill..when I was looking at past pictures to see if it was present then I also noticed white splotches along one side of his body. Both like to hang out under the fake plant but they also swim around and play around the bubbles. They still eat, just fed them. Can I get a little help with what to do next.. I'm going to check the water once the boy is fully asleep. I could guess at this but I would rather get the opinions of people who are in the know. Thanks for any help
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