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  1. You would love my Sanke then. She started out a Sanke gold, thus her name, but a few months ago her white base started changing to blue. Not much white left on her now. I am still in love with her though. She's a stunning fish (I may be bias) and she's a big girl. That's cause she LOVES her food. Sky and Sanke are the same age but Sky's like an inch and a half smaller. He's a little Napoleon. I hope he doesn't bully Neptune. Any advice on how to introduce a new fish? It's just been Sanke and Sky since the start and they came from the same pond.
  2. Shubunkins are my favorite fish so you can guess I'm a calico fan. Although I am a bit picky. I like my calicoes to have large black spots and clean color margins. Calico, despite being one color pattern, is incredibly diverse and I think everyone has a particular kind of calico pattern they prefer.
  3. She looks like a Wakin to me! Blackwater Creek has calico wakins as will. I think they're slowly becoming more common in the hobby. Crunchy is adorable! I love wakins they're these little bold speed demons. How'd crunchy get his name?
  4. What a great find. A sight better deal then I got but then again I dunno who fashioned the rule that koi were worth hundreds and goldfish a few bucks. I plan to add a Wakin to my pond in the future. Would love to see your guy!
  5. Yes Gary Hater. I joined the goldfish councils Facebook group and he's been quite generous in answering my questions. I really admire Gary's knowledge base and of course his fish! I consider him a mentor. I hope to get a ghost Bristol Shubunkin from him soon but I've been watching Neptune online since the summer and he finally came on sale so I had to snatch him up! He's actually from Blackwater Creek koi farm. Great fish but I wasn't all that thrilled with their packing techniques. I feel like that's why he went through a bit of shock. Really no styrofoam packing around him to keep him warm. I will keep this in mind and restrict my ordering from them to more mild temperatures. But I do so love their fish and have been exceedingly happy with all three that I have acquired from them.
  6. Could we add the Watonai to the pinned goldfish types? I noticed it was missing. Watonai are long bodied goldfish similar to that of a Shubunkin, but instead of a single tail Watonai possess a long flowing double tail. Watonai are one of the few double tail goldfish varieties that are hardy enough to live in a pond all year long. This variety gives you the best of both worlds, the hardiness of long bodied goldfish and the flowing tail of a fancy variety, but be prepared to give these fish plenty of room to swim. A Watonai will reach a size of 12 plus inches at maturity. The link below shows my sky blue Watonai in quarantine. https://youtu.be/bp8LEmI3gkY
  7. I am curious how you get to speak to such a large cross section of the hobby's breeders? I think those would be some terribly fascinating events to attend or are they forums? If so could you make some recommendations for the best events or online groups for someone new to the hobby? I have no intention to breed but I do find all aspects of keeping goldfish.. Even koi interesting as I feel I learn something useful that allows me to better care for my fish in almost every resource on the topic. I have found this forum to be extremely useful. I learn more quickly through discussion with my peers. You seem to have been around hobby awhile so I was wondering where would be the best resources for a newbie?
  8. To follow up on our lively discussion from a few days ago. Blackwater Creek Koi Farm did get back with me regarding whether their Sanke Shubunkins are Hybrids. I've attached their response in interest of trying to give buyer as much information as possible
  9. Ohhhh an indoor pond! I am so jealous! My little pond is three years old. First year for fish and plants. A hobby that developed last year with covid lockdowns and was mostly research last year that I put into practice this summer. I have a dwarf water lily, water clover, water celery, variegated yellow flag iris and dwarf cattails, a painted fern at the back. We built a deck that hangs over the pond about a foot which makes you feel a bit like your sitting on a lake dock. To the left of the picture you can just make out our waterfall. It now has lovely moss covering the entire front of the rocks. The moss was the waterfalls idea but we loved the look so much that we encouraged and helped it along. My big pond will be different. I am going with all native plantings with it. The fish will move to it and this little pond will become my tadpole pond. I really want to raise native amphibian species. All native species in both ponds except my goldies which I just can't give up. My guilty pleasures. 😉 It'll be a challenge to find native species that can coexist with the goldies but I think it can be done with proper habitat planning and careful stalking numbers. We'll find out!
  10. Lol how does a fancy male even catch up to a single tail female? He's a bit out matched. Nature has her way I suppose.
  11. Are the pink ones comets or just white shubunkins? Almost no color, very curious!
  12. Hehe Acro are trying to subtly find out if my pond is over stalked? No worries I respect that. Animals well being is always paramount. The blue one is approximately 4 inches, the spotted gal is approximately 5-5.5 inches. They look so large in scale because the water lily is one of the smallest of dwarf varieties. My current pond is maxed out with these two. My pond is just a small perform around 125 gallons but we are planning a larger 15 x 20 pond build next summer. Until then I am just researching where to find them fish I want. Most i will purchase from Blackwater Creek Koi Farm. They have some gorgeous black shubunkins with red heads i am in love with right now but they have no yellows or totally white. I am fond of the Bristol tailed Shubunkins. I've seen some of Gary Hate's ghost Bristol Shubunkins and they are just stunning but they're availability is somewhat limited as I got the sense he focuses mostly on fancies.
  13. I think not breeding true is on an entirely different level when referring to the ethics of a business then surmising that they are passing off hybrids as goldfish. But now I understand you are coming at this entirely from a breeders perspective. I think we can both agree there are MANY EXQUISITE goldfish on Blackwater Creek Koi Farm's web page that AREN'T labeled Sanke that are WELL below $900 that people can enjoy without concern. I am posting pictures of my two goldies that I got from Blackwater. Total they cost my $25 and a 5 hour round trip to their dealer. I am sure they are far from show quality but I find them to be much higher quality in health and looks then the big box stores. I am not much a fan of the small patterned calico highly metallic shubunkins I see at many petco's and petsmart's. The colors just look a bit muddy to me. What I love about Blackwater Creek is they seem to breed for the larger blocks of color that I personally find attractive but most importantly they're fish seem healthy and thriving. Anyway it's been an engaging debate that I think proves people have different priorities when purchasing fish.
  14. I understand that you feel adamant about this but based on everything I've read about koi/goldfish hybrids there are no studies that have shown they can reproduce at all. I'm sure as with most things in nature there are occasional exceptions to the rule but for the most part we would not be talking about breeding true but sterile fish. Are you suspicious of their entire Shubunkin stalk or just certain color varieties? My confusion comes in that I know the distributor who I received my Blackwater Sanke and sky blue Shubunkin from. In that shipment she had the shubunkins and Sarassas and she had a spawning from that same shipment. The colors are still developing to see if she got any Sankes or sky blue coloration and whether they "bred true" or not, but she definitely has Shubunkin fry and there shouldn't be any Shubunkin fry if these were hybrids. Attached is a picture of the still developing fry. Either way I take my recommendations seriously and feel knowing if these are hybrids important information for me to include in future recommendations. I have contacted Blackwater Creek Koi Farm directly regarding the matter and will report back to the group with their response.
  15. I don't mind the gimmicky names on their site. I doubt they have much influence on people's purchases. I would be curious to know where your accusation of koi/goldfish hybrids comes from? It seems you've had a negative experience with Blackwater Creek Koi Farm. All I can attest to is my experience and I have a couple beautiful unique thriving fish. I suppose being new to the hobby that I don't know what show quality goldfish is but I do know what's beautiful and healthy. We agree on their koi but I find what they're doing with their goldfish stalk to be quite remarkable and exciting.
  16. My issue with next day koi is they don't have a "see what you get" or "odd ball" individual purchase page on their website. I hear they have healthy beautiful fish but I have a small pond and want as much variety of color represented as possible in my fish. Yes, I would prefer to support American goldfish breeders. Unfortunately most of them I have found online specialize only in the fancies. My beautiful Shubunkins, watonais and comets tend to be ignored. Sad really, I feel pond goldfish are a much more sustainable option then koi and just as beautiful. I had high hopes that perhaps rain garden would have something special but see they've closed down. I really like the look of Blue Ridges fish but they only sell wholesale and I'll have to drive more then two hours to reach a dealer. Lol Of course that's what I did to buy my Blackwater Creek Koi Farm shubunkins and it have to say they were well worth it! I will be looking for a true yellow comet or Shubunkin next summer after we build a bigger pond so if you have any leads it would be appreciated. 🙂
  17. I am in love with Shubunkins, watonais and comets. I recently bought a beautiful sky blue and Sanke gold Shubunkin from Blackwater Creek for my small pond. I highly recommend Blackwater creek for customer service and the quality of their stalk. In my opinion their pond variety goldfish surpass their koi in beauty. I will definitely purchase the majority of my stalk from Blackwater Creek Koi Farm next year when we build a larger pond. However they don't as of yet have a couple color variations of goldfish I am looking for and that is a yellow, white or black in one of the above beloved goldfish breeds. I would be grateful if you could direct me to some great breeders of only long bodied pond hardy goldfish as mentioned above.
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