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  1. Hi, I need help. My 11 year old comet goldfish has been acting strange for the last week. He has been hiding in the corner almost all of the time which is not like him. He comes out for food sometimes but doesnt seem to really care. He usually eats like a horse. He is big. He is in a 40b aquarium and the water parameters are all good - pH 8.0 ammonia 0.0 nitrite 0.0 nitrate about 20. I change 50% of his water every week. He is not bottom sitting and his fins are not clamped but he just is not active at all like his usual self. He might be slightly tipped to one side when he swims but I cant be sure. Could it be a swim bladder issue even though he is not upside down? His diet includes NLS Goldfish pellets twice a day and I give him a couple of peas once a day which he usually loves. He doesnt really care about food right now. I love this fish so much and would so appreciate any help. Thank you. Anna
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