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  1. Alright, Thanks so much for the info! Should I start doing only tap in small water changes daily? Idk if a fish can be shocked from switching from the mix to pure tap?
  2. Really, you think even a mix with conditioned Tap could be bad for them? Hmm maybe I should start just adding conditioned tap only 😅. Thanks. I just really want her to be happy.
  3. Hello everyone! I hope I am posting in the right area. I got a 4 inch Ranchu yesterday and she keeps swimming up to the top of my tank to eat the bubbles made from the filter. She does this randomly and will go short periods of time scouring the bottom without going to the top. I really worry about her gulping air because they are prone to swim bladder issues and it makes me think there is something wrong(not oxygenated enough, some parameter is off/disease). My tank is a 55 gallon with two different filters. One is a pretty standard off the back and the other is an off the back that is set up kind of like a cannister(sponge, filter floss, biomedia). I seeded the tank with filter media from an established tank, and I didn't add the ranchu until nitrates showed with ammonia and nitrite being 0. I live in Vegas and the tap PH is 8.2-8.4 and the water is extremely hard(leaves white residue on everything) so I use an R0 mix for better water conditions. 50Ro/50Tap. It barely brings the PH under 8(7.8-8). I treated the water with SeaChem Prime some Microbe-life special blend right before adding. The Ammonia might have spiked since a goldfish is a bigger bioload than what it was cycled with. The current ammonia seems to be 0 - 0.25 ppm from the test Nitrite is 0, and the Nitrate is 5 ppm. I've taken a couple inches off the top to see if the waterfall will help. Am I overreacting or do you guys have any idea what's wrong/any suggestions? Any help I greatly appreciate. Thanks! Other info: Temp is generally around 74 Main Filter: MarineLand Penguin 350 BioWheel Second Filter(Sponge, Floss, BioMedia(rocks)): TopFin Power Filter 75 Last Water Change: Yesterday 15% percent water change before adding fish Fish will eat and is acting normal otherwise. Food: Hikari Lionhead. She has been lightly fed as to avoid an ammonia spike.
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