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  1. Thank you! I didn’t realise they could get breeding stars there. They both have them on their gills, though they’re harder to see on the calico.
  2. Yes, that part! I’m planning on doing a big move with them soon (hopefully also doubling their tank size!) and I wanted to make sure they were in perfect health before doing that. They’re sweet little things
  3. I hope these pictures are okay? I notice he has some white dots along his pectoral fins. They do chase each other around a lot, swimming up each other’s tails, it could be damage from that I guess?
  4. Hello! I have two goldfish, a black moor and a calico telescope eye goldfish. They’re both very active with good appetites, tank is spacious, water levels good, and both currently have breeding stars so they’re looking great. However the black moor has a funky tail situation. Looking back at pictures, the two sides of his tail have never been connected, but I’ve recently noticed he has a third tail section, a thin strip that starts in the middle of the base of his tail fins. I can’t tell if it’s a piece that has become separate from the rest of his tail or has somehow grown independently. Do I need to be worried? Thanks!
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