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  1. hello i need some advice ..im going to buy eheim uv sterilizer reflex 500 and i need to install it with my dolphin c-1000 cannister filter...any suggestions what i can do since the flow of my filter is more than the uv??? pls help...
  2. hello and thanks for this forum.. i have a 5 feet aquarium..total volume is 342.6 litres..currently in this i have 3 orandas medium size,1 big oranda big size 12cm,1 blackmoor,1 panda bubble eye...total 6 all putted new 4 abour a month ago and 2 now..!!..you think im over stocked for this tank..i want them to grow to their full size!!?? ..also when i put fishes i changed some material with new and got a bacteria bloom...and got cloudy!!..now from shop they told me to use stability..it is as well a bit greenish!!..i did water change and before putting new water i put stability and prime for whole tank and put new water in!!..now my questions are..becauce i have to continue for 7 days with stability can i do waterchanges or not?? nitrits marking 0.25.....any help and suggestions what to do??..if i can i put small video in..fish all seem ok and happy!!..thanks..wait your help!!
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