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  1. I've been wanting to do something creative with the goldfish for a while, but I don't know if this is something possible with these guys. I've watched a lot of videos using the two plastic mesh sheets and making a sandwich with the moss until it grows out, but I'm worried they would run into the edges or somehow scrape themselves on it. I know they might eat the moss, but that's not really a problem, they nibble the elodea but don't utterly destroy it, there is always more growing and I keep a tub of it growing in the kitchen to have extra. I'm mainly looking at trying to up my plants, hide the back of the tank a bit, and leave a bare bottom. As hard as our water is, I have to scrub the scale off the front of the tank about every other day to keep it clean, the sides, bottom, and back I do weekly at the water change. Scale also does build up on the the anubis I have and I rub the leaves clean once a week too, it does not seem to hinder the elodea, but would it just crust onto and kill the moss? I can't afford a water softener for the house, so I'm trying to find creative ideas to hide the scale build up. I was even thinking of adding a very shallow layer of white gravel / sand to cover the bottom, just deep enough to hide the glass (1/8- 1/4 inch deep), but I think that would ultimately make clean up much harder.
  2. Thanks, still trying to figure it out. I did a 100% water change Wed and then Thursday night the test was showing slight purple again, not dark enough to match the 0.25mark, so i did a 50% change. Friday night it was 0. I will see what it is tonight. Ammonia has been a solid 0 this whole time. I even double checked the tap water and it is also 0ammonia / 0 nitrite
  3. Ammonia (tank/tap): 0/0 Nitrite (tank/tap): usually 0/0 Nitrate (tank/tap): 10 / 5 pH (tank/tap): 7.4 / 7.4 kH (tank/tap): gH (tank/tap): hard, I think 250ish ppm from water report - I don't test this My tank (40B with 1 fish, now about 1.5 inches) has been set up since July. After some ups and downs with cycling and such I thought I was done. I have been testing for ammonia / nitrite / nitrate every 2-3 days. For the past few weeks I didn't get any nitrite at all, (or a slight purple tinge to the test by day 7 right before I'm doing the weekly water change anyway). Nothing has changed other than I've been feeding less food as I think that was causing some water issues early on, but suddenly today my nitrite was at 1.0 - it was 0 Monday night, and I'd done a 100% water change on Saturday like I do every week. Ammonia was 0 and nitrate was closer to the 10 color. Of course I immediately did another water change. I even pulled the media bags out of the filter and rinsed them (in tank water) just to make sure no decomposing stuff was stuck somewhere - there really wasn't an abnormal amount of crud in the filter or anywhere in the tank, It;s bare bottom too, so nothing could be hiding. Luckily Shimi was fine and shows no signs of stress from that, but I don't know how to prevent it other than going back to daily testing
  4. thanks, i did stop the paragard this morning, going to watch them for another week while they finish the kanaplex. The irritated / hemorrhage spots are getting less red with every day, so the kanaplex seems to be taking care of the secondary infections. Right now just in a holding pattern until the salt treatment is done and then I'll see if any ich returns. Mostly just hoping the caudal fins heal back quickly Its amazing how much damage they can do to themselves flashing in a completely empty tank
  5. So my outdoor QT has been going great for my two fish, neither developed any ich cysts that I saw, but both had red blotches on the bodies and some red streaking and torn fins from flashing which both were doing - I started oral kanaplex for the secondary bacterial infections and everything is starting to resolve - they are looking better by the day - however with Ida moving through later this week it's going to drop out temps from the high 80s/90s into the low 70s. Night time temps are going to be in the 50's. Since the fish are in a tub (30ish gal) the water cools some with night - but hasn't dropped below 78 since I got them- with temps being so much lower should I move them inside where their water temps will be around 73-75 to finish QT? Today is 10 days of salt / paragard tx for the ich and day 2 of kanaplex. They will still be in the tub and away from my other fish I just don't want any remaining ich protozoa to slow their life cycle down if any are remaining - I assume the water temp will be about 65-70 average outside.
  6. They are active, eating, and seem to be feeling fine - I'd be more concerned if they were refusing food - also, I'm a worry wort lol I hope that daily 100% water changes are enough though - you can see by the picture with my fingers in the water that these are small fish, the one in the picture is the larger of the two - and they are in about 30-35 gal of water right now. I want to keep the ammonia / nitrite down to 0 - but without a filter running for biologic filtration IDK if a change a day is enough - even if I put a filter in tomorrow there's no way it will cycle immediately, even if I seed it with media from my other tank (that isn't fully cycled yet either) :'/ So far the water tests are reading 0 for both, but I've had them for just over 24 hours and have done two complete changes already, so I'm not surprised... I know that its not ideal - I have never gotten any pet without having a set up functioning habitat first
  7. Today it looks like the more white colored one has much redder gills than it did yesterday - I noticed it during the water change. Not sure if this is a) because it's a pale young fish with thin gill plates, b) a reaction to the paragaurd / salt, or c) some other bacterial infection or ammonia burn from the pet store. In real life the L side is redder, but the base of the pectoral fins are also a little more pinkish - I haven't had a matte white fish before to compare this too
  8. Thanks, I was going to plan on a 6-8 week QT anyway. If the weather gets cooler, i'll move them into my guest bathroom. Having them outside is just soooo much easier for quick massive water changes - they get some indirect morning sun which can't hurt too!
  9. as a side note- the "ranchu-ness" of these guys is laughable - about 1/3 in the tank had dorsal fins and no noticeable wen growth 🤣, the tails aren't at the right angle, and the ones that at least resemble ranchu were very poor representatives of the breed but I like fish with dorsal fins better than breeds that lack them, so I really don't care what the store calls them
  10. as for right now, neither have visible signs of ich. both have somewhat red gill plates, but they are white / calico with nacreous scales. I will attempt to get a pic before dark
  11. First, thanks to everyone for helping out with my little blue "oranda" who is doing wonderfully. Second, I am sickened by petstores and had a good rage-cry on the way home, with two little "ranchu" (yea, right lol) in tow. I give them a 15-25% chance to live, with a lot of work.... Anyway, I was at petco getting more prime and when I walked in they had all the fish tank lights off and were netting new fish into tanks - mostly mollies and such, I'd been in last week for cat food and all the few goldfish they had left were in very rough shape - today they were in worse shape and had ich, and it was into these tanks they had just put the new fish 😭 I called the store manager over and was trying to be polite about the fact that there were basically condemning the new fish to a slow and painful death and she was all "how do you know the old fish are sick?" and "we wouldn't sell sick fish". I pointed out the ich and the clamped fins, and she looked bored - they were calico, my favorites - so I asked how long the new arrivals had been in the tank, and she told me about 5 to 6 hours. I asked if they were going to treat them, and she said that was up to the regional manager and she would put a report in to the distributor 😠 So I said, just put two in a bag and maybe I can get them treated before they die - then she gave me a hard time about wanting to buy them when I just told her they were sick. After some long discussions she got a net, asked which ones and told me that since I was the one that pointed out that there were sick fish, the ones she was giving me would not be covered by their "7 day health guarantee", and they didn't have prices yet so they were sold at the 5.99 oranda price. Fine lady, Whatever 🤬. I don't have room for them all, but maybe with luck I can help two. Don't worry, they are no where near my actual tank. I have them set up in a 36ish gal rubbermaid tub on my covered screen porch. They have their own air stone, siphon and equipment and the water temp is starting on its slow rise to 84*. In the house I have salt (canning/pickling), metroplex, paragard, and prazipro - where do I start??? I figure I'm in for a 60 day+ long haul of treatments. I don't have a filter for them yet, just going to be doing twice daily water changes until I can get that part. Ugh! I was looking forward to less water changes now that the other tank is finally stabilizing
  12. thanks, he ate from my hand tonight - took a few sec for the wanting of food to overcome nervousness of my hand lol
  13. I like elodea for food and it grows super fast to help make up for all the eating. That and most of the anubis plants, I use fishing line to wrap them to smooth river stones until the roots wrap around and hold, then I remove the fishing line. The elodea is floating, clamped near the top, and clamped to the bottom - to give several "levels" of vegetation. I have bare bottom tanks with goldies so no substrate to plant things in.
  14. Yes, I have it on a timer to come on an hour after sunrise and go off just before sunset so that the ambient light prevents such a shocking difference. He seems a little less skittish today, might just take some time - they two stayed pretty close to each other. I added the extra elodea both for snacks and to give more cover since it is such an open tank at the moment. With the plants spread out more he seems more comfortable
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