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  1. That’s an old pic kinda it’s worse now I’m out of state right now and can’t take a recent pic
  2. So my goldfish buttercup can’t see out of one eye I’m pretty sure because she’s bad at finding food and because her wen is over one of her eyes should I try to do the surgery I mean there is a aquatic vet 3 hours away but that’s kinda far or should I leave it alone
  3. So I feed my 2-3 year old oranda who’s about 5-6 inches the same thing every day and add in veggies a few times a week but I usually feed NLS goldfish pellets and north fin bug pro pellets I make sure to sink them and not have Them float. But today I noticed a big brown grayish poop with an air bubble in it and it’s floating I never seen this before all my parameters are fine
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