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  1. They seem to be fine with the Stress Coat, certainly no adverse reactions. On an unrelated area can I ask what method would be best to maintain water GH in my small pond. For years I’ve just been using crushed aragonite which I put in a container with some white vinegar ( which leaches the calcium) and after a few days I’d add it when doing my water change. To counterbalance the acidity of the vinegar in the aragonite I use some baking soda. So far, the system works fine, the GH is around the 11 or 12 degree mark. But I’m wondering whether leached aragonite alone would supply the full range of minerals that goldies need ( as it’s almost exclusively calcium ) ? What do you recommend ?
  2. Thanks very much. The key, then, is knowing how to define “overdoing it”. I was planning on using it for @ 2 weeks to give it time to work it’s healing…then do a water change…I normally do water changes weekly but it’s Winter here now, and the fish are eating only a little, therefore minimum waste in the pond. How does that sound ?
  3. Hi Guys 😁 New to this forum ...writing from Sydney Australia and would appreciate your honest views on API Pond Stress Coat. I have one particular Goldie who’s got lumps ( tumours) near his tail, and occasionally shows some signs of stress. He’s 11yrs old, but still eats well with the others and otherwise seems ok. He’s had lumps removed from his body before, by a fish vet, but now they’re back again. I’ve read that the Stress Coat does help perk up goldfish.. And there seems to be a large number of fish hobbyists who swear by the product. The positive reviews on Amazon alone run into the thousands. On the other hand Ive also read somewhere that the Aloe contained in the product would only really be effective if it were directly applied to the fish, ie “blob it on” and just adding the Stress Coat to the water is practically useless...it doesn’t get to the fish ! Is this true ? So confused. Would truly appreciate your views on the efficacy of Aloe as contained in API Stress Coat. A million thanks
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