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  1. I really enjoyed a 10 cent feeder fish I had when I was a kid. We called him "monster fish" because he got so big and would eat smaller fish. He would interact with me and swim around my fingers - I still miss that little guy. White comet with an orange spot on his head. I'm now an adult and got a perfect 75gal aquarium for $25. I'm getting the supplies and starting the cycle. I am debating whether I want to save a couple of feeders and give them the best lives I can and watch them thrive, or keep fancy goldfish since I can keep more and they are generally less trouble. I believe understocking is the way to go, but I don't want the fish to be lonely. I would do 2-3 feeders or 3 fancies. I'd eventually plan to house the feeders in a larger indoor pond style aquarium, but not for quite a while. I just enjoy commits so much, but a lot of advice out there says they're really pond fish and fancies are the better way to go. I'd love some guidance. In the end I'm sure I'd be happy with both.
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