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  1. Hey everyone sorry I couldnt respond sooner (I didnt see it) I decided to get hikari lionhead. They are doing great on it.
  2. Ok, I feed them 4x a day since they are juveniles and I want them to grow bigger.
  3. My goldfish are little water pigs, they will eat anything and they wont stop eating either (unless I overfeed them way too much). So I was wondering what is a good way to know when to stop feeding goldfish? I heard that if a goldfish has long normal poop it is probably eating to much and thats what i found on my goldfish. Also I feed 4 times a day.
  4. Thanks! I try to give them the best life possible!
  5. I dont really have leftover food and if I do i usually net it out (since the pond is only 2 ft deep) My goldfish love peas too and love their repashy gel food in the morning! Here are my photos
  6. Right now, for 6 fancy goldfish, I feed 4x a day, repashy gel food when I wake up, bloodworms late morning, pellets noon, veggies afternoon. Is this good? Another question I have is how many bloodworm cubes can my 6 goldfish eat? Last thing is, what veggies do your goldies eat? Mine love peas, and mostly peas, they dont really like any other vegetable i give them, although they may eat a little bit of the other veggies, but not a lot.
  7. They are doing great! However one came with sbd but it is getting better after I did an epsom salt bath. So I think it will get better!
  8. Thank you hannah! Time to change my status!
  9. Hey everyone, im back here is the pictures of the goldfish!
  10. I have so far repashy gel food, bloodworms, veggies, and shrimp pellets. Would those be enough or should I get some saki hikari?
  11. Ok, will do everything you guys said. THANKS!! Max
  12. Oh ok, cool I will do that. Are dojo loaches good with them? My water is 16 gh 7.6 ph, is that fine?
  13. Will do for sure! Could I salt dip them instead of the Praziquantel?
  14. Thanks everyone for helping out! I think i will be going to get my goldfish at coastgemusa since i can go to the actual place. These goldfish are going to be sooo cute.
  15. Well if they dont like deep water why would I be ok if it was under 24 inches? My pond is 24 inches deep btw. I'll get the repashy super gold gel food. Also is the more "high quality" ranchu goldfish more inbred?
  16. Ok, well, I've heard that the more protein you give them the more their wen grows? And maybe if I feed less protein they wont grow as much wen?
  17. 120 gallon planted pond I'm going to be getting some ranchu goldfish for my pond and I was wondering, how do you prevent the goldfish's wen covering its eye. I will be feeding shrimp pellets, bloodworms, and vegetebles. Another question I have is are they difficult to take care of? I've heard lots of opinions, and I would like to hear your guys opinion too. Thank you in advance.
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