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  1. Hey everyone sorry I couldnt respond sooner (I didnt see it) I decided to get hikari lionhead. They are doing great on it.
  2. Ok, I feed them 4x a day since they are juveniles and I want them to grow bigger.
  3. My goldfish are little water pigs, they will eat anything and they wont stop eating either (unless I overfeed them way too much). So I was wondering what is a good way to know when to stop feeding goldfish? I heard that if a goldfish has long normal poop it is probably eating to much and thats what i found on my goldfish. Also I feed 4 times a day.
  4. Thanks! I try to give them the best life possible!
  5. I dont really have leftover food and if I do i usually net it out (since the pond is only 2 ft deep) My goldfish love peas too and love their repashy gel food in the morning! Here are my photos
  6. Right now, for 6 fancy goldfish, I feed 4x a day, repashy gel food when I wake up, bloodworms late morning, pellets noon, veggies afternoon. Is this good? Another question I have is how many bloodworm cubes can my 6 goldfish eat? Last thing is, what veggies do your goldies eat? Mine love peas, and mostly peas, they dont really like any other vegetable i give them, although they may eat a little bit of the other veggies, but not a lot.
  7. They are doing great! However one came with sbd but it is getting better after I did an epsom salt bath. So I think it will get better!
  8. Thank you hannah! Time to change my status!
  9. Hey everyone, im back here is the pictures of the goldfish!
  10. I have so far repashy gel food, bloodworms, veggies, and shrimp pellets. Would those be enough or should I get some saki hikari?
  11. Ok, will do everything you guys said. THANKS!! Max
  12. Oh ok, cool I will do that. Are dojo loaches good with them? My water is 16 gh 7.6 ph, is that fine?
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