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  1. This is how he rests at the top of tank behind the filter upside down...and you can see his left side , on right of photo is swollen . He manages to comedown to feed from the bottom.
  2. This side is bigger than the other..
  3. Yes I will take a pic when I get home tonight. I soaked the sinking pellets for half an hour in tank water..
  4. My comet has recently recovered from his floating to the surface issues as I had gel food clogging the filter. Now I am so frustrated as I found him in the morning with a swollen bottom and off his food and floating upside down again ! I fasted for 2 days, tested water , changed 50% water, fed peas, made water a bit warmer . He has picked up and now eating and can struggle to the bottom of tank to get his food. One side of bottom went down but one side still swollen. I just thought maybe it was overfeeding so cut down the food . I have read that epsom salts can improve him and one tablespoon to a gallon in a bath and put him in for 10 mins...but I am afraid of hurting him more. What should I do now ?? Help !😱😱🐠
  5. Yes it will be great . I have to work out how the filter works and then fill up the tank and cycle it . Just 4 large goldfish so I think they will be very happy in there.👍😁😁
  6. Placed down the blocks and put the work top on them to form the base. Now to sort the filter out and put it underneath.
  7. 350 litres 🐠🐠🐠🐠 350 litres.🐠🐠🐠🐠
  8. I am building a very strong DIY stand for my new aquarium . It will be on an oak floor in the kitchen diner .Here is the delivery of blocks and still waiting for the counter top to come .
  9. They are ok now as I am doing frequent water changes and checking filter. One is sometimes a bit floaty but I use sinking pellets and feed some petit pois peas cooked every evening and he is doing well now the water is good . I am going to take photos on tuesday when some of the materials get delivered for the stand project .😁🐠
  10. Not building a tank ...just a stand for the Jewel 350 litre aquarium . I saw it on You Tube but will take some pics of me putting it together and the finished result 👍🐠🐠🐠🐠
  11. I finally bought my new 360 litre tank for the 4 goldfish ! So since July I have been doing frequent water changes and filter cleaning in the old 100 litre.....So looking forward to having time to enjoy spending time with them without all that constant cleaning . The new canister filter has 3 types of filters in . Starting to build my own stand which I saw on You Tube . Thanks for all the good advise which has got me this far now . 👍🐠🐠🐠🐠
  12. Been feeding peas and he is a lot better now and is pooping ok now. 🐠🐠😁
  13. Yes thanks . Will try that and test the water 😁😁
  14. Yes that's right . Brilliant. My fish is swimming upright now and till this morning was feeding off the bottom with the others. This morning he had trailing white poo still attached and was swimming by the surface and not eating..I think he is having trouble with passing a poo ? Yesterday his bottom looked big and a bit sore but he was eating fine. I think he may be uncomfortable..maybe constipated ? Should I put epsom salt in water or can it be bacterial infection ? Sorry to keep on asking but I don't want to do the wrong thing 🐠😁
  15. Yes for sure . I am learning all the time....The other 3 fish were ok so I didnt think it was the filter not doing its job etc. I am doing the water changes as advised decause the tank is too small and the fish is not going upside down any more ! I am so grateful to the lady who gave me her expert advise..Arctic Mama 🐠😁💕
  16. I took the advise and cleaned everything . The filter was running ok but when I opened it all that gel food was solid in there...really horrible and thick . I put a complete new filter in and things are looking up ! The following day all the redness under his belly was gone and although still sleeping upside down is now able to swim down and mix with the other fish and eat off the bottom. I feel sure if I keep up the clean water reduced feeding he will be ok in a couple of weeks. Thanks so much for asking 😁
  17. Thank you so much . I stayed up after work last night till 2am to do the 100% water change ....so I am not going to give up till he is better 👍😁🐠
  18. Wow thanks for such a comprehensive list of instructions , and I will follow them to the letter. I was right then about that gel food and now I feel confident to do big water changes. I would like a new bigger tank but right now will concentrate on water quality in this tank and see the results. Once again thanks for your continued support and I will come back to ypu in 2 weeks time 🐠🐠🐠🐠👍😁
  19. Yes I will get that test kit but am in UK so can order from amazon or buy in Pets at Home. The tank is 100 litres . I change 20 % water every week and daily suction the gravel to remove poo and any food. I used to feed floating dry flakes and I think thats when this fish got costipated. Now I changed to Repashy gold gel food but maybe I have been feeding too much of it ? I am worried the gel may not agree with him , perhaps it has clogged him up . It clogged up the filter sponge and I am going to try sinking pellets when I start feeding . Still giving peas just once in the evening and he is coming out a bit now and swimming round now and again. This morning he had stringy white poo come out ? Monique
  20. I haven't used any medication or any additives at all ever. Just tap water with conditioner . Yesterday night I gave him some cooked peas and this morning he had a green poo come out. I am not going to feed for 3 days ...just peas at night and see if he improves. The others are doing the same and they are fighting fit ..
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