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  1. Well it looks like there is hope for my Koi pond fish. The very next day (May 6th) I picked up some Knock Out Plus (a Crystal Clear product). It is an all natural fish treatment for single-celled parasites and fungal infections. On May 8th I finally got my fish into my Vet. They did Ultrasound, X-rays and took a sample to send to the lab. They gave me an antibiotic called Ceftazidime that I give to him by alternating injection every third day. The doctor wants me to also continue with the Knock Out Plus treatments, at least until we get the lab results back. That way all the bases are covered. I spent just shy of $500 trying to save this Koi. The good news is that the x-rays show that the bulge is superficial and not effecting any organs. And it's definitely not Dropsy - YEAH! I'm attaching one of the x-rays. I'm hoping this info may help someone else with a similar issue with their pond fish.
  2. He's got about 7 or 8 gallons of water in his 12.6 gallon quarantine container. I added about 1/8 of a teaspoon of Epsom salts to some aquarium water then once it was well mixed in and dissolved I poured into his container. It may not fix the problem but it can't make it any worse. While I was waiting to hear back from you, FishyMandy, I searched sick pond fish with Epsom salts on YouTube and all kinds of video links popped up. However there is debate over how much to use so I kept the dose on the mild side. If I notice any improvement tomorrow I may add a bit more with some pond water (since the pond will be filled and treated by then). Fingers crossed. Thanks FishyMandy 👏
  3. Yes! I have lots of epson salts. What next?
  4. Can my fish be saved? Due to his dark colour I couldn't see him in the pond until I took all 6 fish out today for the startup maintenance. I kept him in a separate container in case he's contagious. Prior to today I didn't see much of him as he would always hide. Only once and a while when the other 5 fish were actively feeding would he make an appearance. But he moved around slowly and would not eat. He always stayed down deep. I pray he doesn't have dropsy but only his one side bulges out and the scales almost look like they're pineconing. Can he/she be saved? Unfortunately I cannot find a veterinarian around here that takes fish. I cannot get antibiotics without a prescription. All I have on hand to treat him with is aquarium salt.
  5. Livebearers like Guppies, Paties and Swordtails all get along very well together. Just be sure to keep up with you weekly 10% water changes and cleanups. Be careful things don't get too crowded or the ammonia contamination gets multiplied. And yes aquarium salt is excellent. It helps build up a protective slim coat that can ward off things like ich. Just be sure to use aquarium salt and not any old household salt. Pick up some flake food next time you're out. It's cheap plus it's got the added vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. What you're feeding them now is okay for a few days but not in the long term. As for ripped tails and fins... With Guppies that's it. They will stay that way until they die. No cure or way to mend them. In Guppy society the males are dispensable. Two males will fight over a female for breeding rights. Also females will turn on a male Guppy, relentlessly attacking him until he has no fins remaining. Then he just floats to the bottom of the tank where he lays there and starves to death. Such a horrible way to go. Watch this YouTube video that shows their behavior over this 5 year study by this Russian man.... very eye opening!
  6. That website inactive. Not sure if it's Covid related but they are still in business. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram by searching Proaquatic.
  7. Re: Canadian Clove oil I also live in Canada. There are a lot of places that sell it online. Where abouts in Canada are you? I live in Edmonton and I can buy it locally here. I googled it and found a place called Fern & Petal in Vancouver, BC. They sell clove oil and also ship as well. Hope this helps.
  8. Up to 100% !!??! That sounds way too excessive! Up to 80% water change but even that is high. Having a high ammonia content is no reason to “throw the baby out with the bath water”. Yes you need to do a water change but for high ammonia you should do about 20% to 30% of your aquarium volume. Clean your filter mediums (using the aquarium water you had just removed - never with tap water). That should give you a good balance without having to start your cycle from square one. I've been keeping fresh water aquarium species for over 45 years and I have never done a 100% water change unless there was disease or I was moving.
  9. A good rule of thumb for water changes is 10% of your aquarium size once a week. Use one of those gravel vacuum tubes to clean all the poop and debris settled to the bottom or mixed into your substrate. If you have a lot of live plants rooted in your substrate then you only really need to clean/vacuum the top layer as the plants will use it up as fertilizer. A win win - healthy plants and a healthy aquarium ecosystem. If you think you are still having water issues you can always take a water sample to any aquarium or pet store and they'll test it free of charge. It could be a alternation to your filter medium is needed. Remember to always clean your filter medium in aquarium water, NOT TAP WATER! The chlorine in tap water will kill all your good bacteria you worked so hard at building up the right balance.
  10. Looks like a regular black Comet to me. I have one of those in my pond. It's amazing how they live in “hibernation” under the ice, without any food, for 6 months of the year. Mine is not pure black as he has a bit of marbling in his colour if you look really close. However he always stays down deep in hiding and only becomes visible when the others are active and feeding. I just bought this property 5 months ago and this black fish was unknown by the previous owners. He's quite an enigma!
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