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  1. @mjfromga, why do you have everything on "N/A"? *Just asking*
  2. Hi *9:52 PM and short talk* How are you doing? love ya.
  3. mmmhmm. you know how much i love pumpkin pie!
  4. d fish la fish. a well fish la fish a fish named Mandy. A Typing fish LOL! welcome to the Forum))))))! [echo] A new filter eh?!
  5. Arctic Mama and the 6 kids! Happy to see you! *jUSTiNE* ooh *El Spicy* fish! Why do people always talk about fish? #@ArcticMama#@
  6. Age: I feel like i'm a kid everyday!
  7. I'm JUSTiNE , almost 8 , koko's daughter & have two cats & 2 fish isn't that crazy! we did have 3 cats but the girl passed-away.
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