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  1. So thanks for the bacterial infection advice . Took a water sample to my local aquatic store and the results where less then ideal. Purchased the medication they had on hand which was Melafix. Did a massive water change and cleaning found the source of the problem which was uneaten food stuck behind sponge filter. Dosed the tank and the following morning he went from a half dead looking to swimming around and even coming to the glass to say hi. So again thank you so much!
  2. First off hello everyone and thanks in advance for your help and time.. This is my 7 year old fair fish Pretty. He lives in a 75gal alone he has a sponge filter and fx6 canister loaded with media. Tank has been in this setup for about 4 years now. Weekly water changes of 30% (well water)ph constant 7.2 ammonia low so are all other parameters. Only change of environment recently is new guppies in a separate tank in a complete different room. Cross contamination is possible due to having kids. Symptoms are flashing and splashing late at night or early morning. Not eating and staying at bottom of tank. What has been done so far is large water change and a dose of API super inch cure. As I suspect ick or white spot. What do U’s think?
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