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  1. My comet goldfish was not swimming around the pond like the other goldfish in my pond after the ice melted after a rough winter in eastern PA. It was still and hanging out at the bottom in the shallow area of the pond. I moved it to a quarantine tank in my garage, added some aquarium salt and I'm slowly raising the temperature of the water. It seems to have a growth near its gills and some fin rot. I'm not sure if the white spots would be symptoms of ich or if this is something else. I've had the pond for 3 years now and the fish have never had any issues with the fish. Thanks!
  2. The comet goldfish in my pond was not swimming around like the other fish in my pond (From Eastern Pa, we had a pretty rough winter). It was hanging out in the bottom of the shallows and pretty limp. I moved him to a quarantine tank in my garage and slowly began warming up the water and added some aquarium salt. Seems to have a wart-like growth near the gills and a bit of fin rot. Any ideas on what is wrong / how to treat. I don't think it is ich, but I could be wrong. Picture #1 Picture #2
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